Project Introduction

Nursery seedling machine and vegetable transplanter are great solutions for those who have fields or greenhouses for vegetables, melons, flowers. The nursery seedling machine and the transplanter are used together, featuring high survive rate, low loss rate, which creates high benefits for users. Taizy Agro Machine Co. Ltd is able to offer the professional advice on selection of the seeding machine and transplanter for your various vegetables, melons, flowers.

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Project Benefits

Project Benefits

High Efficiency

The nursery seeding machine can breed various seedlings, shortening the growing time a certain extent. And the vegetable transplanter can transplant seedlings to fields, greenhouses that you want to plant, saving labors and time.

Project Benefits

High return

You purchase machines for your business, helping you to occupy the market faster. You can enter the market one step faster than others to make profits.

Project Benefits

Customization service

We take each customer's request seriously. Both nursery seedling machine and vegetable transplanter are tailored to exactly fit your business needs.

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Wide applications

For nursery seeding machine and vegetable transplanter, not only suitable for vegetables, also for melons and flowers. Such as onion, tomato, hemp, tobacco, watermelon, peony, etc.

Factory Visit

factory visit

Service Flow

Project Benefits

Contact Taizy

WhatsApp/Wechat/Tel No.+8613673689272 Fill your information on the online form and then submit

Project Benefits

Clear requirements

After receiving your information, our sales manager will contact via online or email to clear your demands, and then recommend the suitable customized solutions for your reference.

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Reach a contract

We both come to agree on the details of the machine and sign the contract.

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We, Taizy, start to produce the machine after receiving the deposit. During the manufacturing, we control the machine quality strictly.

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Delivery & after-sales service

The machine will be packed well and delivered to the designation. Also, we provide the after-sales service.