Crawler Type Tomato Transplanter Machine

The tomato transplanter is an automatic vegetable transplanter for transplanting tomato seedlings. Three types of transplanters can be used for tomato seedling transplanting, self-propelled, tracked and tractor-mounted. In addition, the transplanters can also be used for transplanting onion and pepper seedlings.
Crawler Type Tomato Transplanter Machine

The tomato transplanter is an automatic vegetable transplanter for transplanting tomato seedlings. Tomatoes have now become a vegetable that people eat in daily life. With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, people can enjoy tomatoes even if they are not in the season when tomatoes can grow. This crawler transplanter can also add film covering and drip irrigation to customize it to your needs. The tomato transplanter machine can not only create greater profits for farmers but also meet people’s daily needs. Welcome to inquire!

Structure of Tomato Transplanting Machine

The structure of this crawler vegetable transplanter is actually very simple. This is an automatic tomato transplanter, and one person needs to seat to operate it. In addition, the crawler is used to move forward. Trays are used to place tomato seedlings, which are then manually placed into seedling cups.

structure of tomato tranplanter machine

Technical Parameters of Vegetable Transplanter

From the below data, we can clearly know that we have multiple choices. Although these automated transplanted are self-propelled crawler, the row space is different. Also, the operators differ. Choose one that suits your business! If any doubt, welcome to contact us for more clarifications!

ModelWeight (kg)StructurePlanting toolPlant space(cm)Row space (cm)Height of seedling (cm)RowsOperatorOower(kW)
2ZBLZ-61050Self-propelled crawlerThe duck mouth hanging cup8-2015-2010-20647.5
2ZBLZ-81150Self-propelled crawlerThe duck mouth hanging cup8-2010-2010-20857.5
2ZBLZ-101250Self-propelled crawlerThe duck mouth hanging cup8-201510-201067.5
2ZBLZ-121350Self-propelled crawlerThe duck mouth hanging cup8-2010-1510-201277.5

Necessity of Tomato Transplanter for Sale

1. Meet market demand. With the improvement of living standards and the expansion of vegetable market demand, the use of vegetable transplanters is more convenient and faster.

2. Suitable for greenhouse cultivation. Because of the emergence of off-season vegetables, greenhouses are essential. Our nursery seedling machine and transplanter can be used for greenhouse planting, to seize the market for farmers and create more profits.

grenhouse transplating

3. Flexible row number selection. This tomato transplanter can choose 4 rows, 6 rows, 8 rows, 10 rows. 12 lines. You can choose flexibly according to your needs.

How to Choose a Suitable Automatic Transplanter?

1. Determine whether to transplant on flat or ridge land.

As a professional transplanter and seedling machine manufacturer and supplier, all three of our machines can actually be used for flat or ridge transplanting.

2. Other functions may be required.

Our crawler tomato transplanter can increase the function of film covering and drip irrigation.

Tomato transplanting with film covering
tomato transplanting with film covering

3. Number of rows, plant spacing, row spacing.

Although the same planting tomatoes, the number of rows of different plant spacing and row spacing is also different.

In addition to the above problems, there are of course other problems, such as the ridge width and furrows in ridge planting. You can tell our professional sales managers about your needs and we will provide you with the perfect solution.

Flat fields and ridge
transplanting on the ridge and flat fields

Tomato Market Prospect

As we all know, tomatoes are rich in vitamins, which are exactly what the human body needs. In addition, tomatoes taste sweet and sour, can also be eaten raw, is a good edible vegetable. Moreover, tomatoes have been widely cultivated around the world, and have good medical properties at the same time.


Q: How do you operate the machine?

A: One person controls the platform–like driving the tank.

Q: Do you need to make a track for the machine to follow?

A: No need, the crawler tomato transplanter machine can work on the flat fields and the ridge.

Q: Concerning the filn covering device, is it easy to remove when no need?

A: The device is able to disassemble, but not very easy to install.

Q: It takes 3 people to grow two rows and 5 people to grow four rows, right?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: We need 12-13cm plant spacing and 30cm row spacing I mentioned earlier, but 32cm row spacing would be ideal. Is it possible?

A: Definitely yes. Plant spacing is 12cm, and row spacing is 30-32cm.

Q: Transplanting seedlings in the greenhouse, how much space does the vegetable transplanter with the film covering need?

A: The machine size is different. Without film covering device, the machine size is 2*1.8*2m(L*W*H); with the film covering device, the machine size is 2.2*1.8*2m(L*W*H).