Lettuce Transplanter

The lettuce transplanter is used to plant lettuce seedlings in the fields, also onion seedlings, tomato seedlings, etc. We describe how to transplant and why to plant lettuce.
Lettuce Transplanter

Lettuce is a very common vegetable in daily life. It is versatile and can be eaten raw or cooked. And it can be as a dish, or with other foods, such as barbecue, hot pot. Growing lettuce from seeds and then transplanting lettuce seedlings are worth considering for growers. During the whole process, the seedlings can be raised with a nursery seedling machine, and transplanted with a vegetable transplanter. Because the transplanter is for lettuce or romaine seeldings, it’s in the name of lettuce transplanter. You can choose the machine that suits you according to your actual needs. . Of course, our sales managers will also provide you with professional advice.

Lettuce Value

As we all know, the lettuce can be ssen everywhere. And many investors are engaged in this area to make profits in seasons, thus investing in a lettuce transplanter to expand profits. The esential reason is that people are willing to buy and eat. But do you know why people do this? It’s closely connnected with the lettuce value.

Medicinal value. It has advantages of promoting the blood circulation, clearing liver and gallbladder and nourishing stomach.

Health value. The distincts are improving the body’s immunity, a significant inhibitory effect on cancer cells, and protect the eyes. Besides, it has the whitening effect.

Edible value. Lettuce is rich in nutrients, containing a lot of beta carotene, antioxidants, vitamins as well as a large amount of dietary fiber and trace elements. Strengthen the digestion and absorption of protein and fat, and improve blood circulation in the stomach.

All in all, lettuce is very practical in the daily meals. And the lettuce transplanter is great;y helping farmers save time and labor, creating more profict space.

How to Planting Lettuce from Seed and then Transplanting Lettuce Seedlings?

Planting lettuce seeds indoors(or starting romaine lettuce seeds indoors)

Form the lettuce seed germination, pay attention to the growth of lettuce. For example, how 1 week lettuce seedlings look like, it’s thinning lettuce seedlings or other situations. Until, the sprouting lettuce seeds become healthy lettuce seedlings.

Lettuce seedlings
lettuce seedlings

Transplanting lettuce seedlings

When the seedlings has grown into a cetain height, the transplanting work starts. At this time, using a lettuce transplanter can accelerate your transplanting progress and help you save your operating cost. Just put the healthy lettuce seelding on the tray, and then put the seedlings into the cups. The seedlings will come to its location along with the machine moving forawrd.

crawler type transplanter

Why Choose Taizy Lettuce Transplanter?

There are many types of machines. As a professional company, we not only have onion transplanter, but also tomato transplanter, cucumber transplanter, and seedling machines.
Rich export experiences. We have been engaged in foreign trade for more than 20 years and are very familiar with the foreign trade process. We have both rich theoretical knowledge and strong practical ability.
Excellent machines. The machines we export rarely have problems that need to be solved after sale. From this, we can see that our machines are very in line with customer needs, and with super quality.

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