Automatic Seeding Machine for Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers

This automatic seeding machine integrates soil covering, hole drilling, and sowing. This nursery machine has an output of 550-650trays per hour and can be equipped with an elevator, sprinkler, automatic tray feeder, tray collector, blender and more.
Automatic Seeding Machine

This automatic seeding machine is the most advanced seedling machine, which integrates soil covering, hole drilling, and sowing. The nursery seeding machine belongs to KMR-78-2 and can be completed at one time. The seeder machine adopts stainless steel based on the original.

So, this vegetable seeding machine gives the product a better quality to the greatest extent. Moreover, this automatic seed sowing machine can output 500-600 trays per hour, with high efficiency. In addition, this vegetable nursery seeding machine is used with an air compressor for seeding work. Black and white trays are also available, within 540mm in size. B

esides, sprinklers can be equipped. Using this nursery sowing machine for seedlings has the advantages of being slim, neat, and robust.

Features of Vegetable Nursery Seeding Machine

  • Fully automatic, covering soil, drilling holes and sowing at one time, saving time and effort.
  • High efficiency, capacity of 500-600 trays per hour.
  • This automatic seeding machine induction switches in many places, and induction recognition can be used for more accurate drilling and sowing.
  • It is convenient to adjust the seeding rate, and precision seeding can be carried out. No matter the size of the seed, one seed per hole can be achieved.
  • The accuracy is as high as 97%, which ensures the seedling rate.
  • The seedling effect is good, the yield is increased, and the cost is saved.

Structure of Automatic Seeding Machine

As a professional seedling machine manufacturer and supplier, this vegetable nursery seeding machine consists of three parts. The first part is the soil container. The required soil can be placed on the top, and the trays are mainly covered with soil. The second part is automatic digging and sowing, which is regarded as the core part. The third part is also the soil container. Cover soil after sowing.

Structure of automatic seeding machine

Technical Parameters of Automatic Seed Sowing Machine

This fully automatic nursery seeder is KMR 78-2 model with an accuracy of over 97%. Use with an air compressor. And this automatic seeding machine uses stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and lasts a long time. Almost all trays are available.

Capacity 500-600trays/hour
Principle Electrical and air compressor
Size 4800*800*1600mm
Weight weight
Material Stainless steel
Voltage220V /110V 600w
Size for seed0.2-15mm
Width of tray≤540mm
Suitable tray32/50/72/104/105/128/200cell
specifications of automatic seeding machine

Applications of Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

This vegetable nursery seeding machine is suitable for raising seedlings of various fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Melons, such as melons, cantaloupes, and watermelons, are popular in Southeast Asia. Vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, etc. Flowers like rhododendrons, roses, chrysanthemums, etc. are very popular in the Middle East. If you have any questions, please call us.


Work Flow of Automatic Seeding Machine

Honestly, the workflow of this nursery seedling machine is actually quite simple. Because this is a fully automatic nursery seeding machine, it can automatically complete a series of nursery work.

The general process is to cover soil first, then brush soil, then drill holes, then sow, and finally cover soil. Of course, you can also sprinkle water after the final soil covering. It depends on your needs.

Work flow of automatic seeding machine
work flow

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