Hemp Transplanter

Hemp transplanter is a piece of equipment specially designed for transplanting cannabis seedlings. Our transplanters can be customized according to customer needs, and all three types (self-propelled, crawler and towed) support customization.
Hemp Transplanter

As the name suggests, the hemp transplanter is to take hemp seedlings to the place where the customer wants to transplant them. Actually, this machine is a vegetable transplanter machine. The hemp transplanter machine reduces manpower and greatly reduces time. In addition, there is a lot of hemps needed in the market every year, because hemp is a good helper in medicine. There are benefits to using hemp in moderation. If you’re interested in this vegetable transplanter, welcome to contact us for more details!

Positive Effects of Hemp

It needs to be clear that hemp is grown to help humans. From seedling raising to transplanting, for more convenience, nursery seedling machines and vegetable transplanter machines are needed. The efficacy of hemp is mainly reflected in medicine, mainly in the following points:

  1. The leaves of hemp have obvious anesthetic effects and can be used to make anesthetics.
  2. Hemp can effectively destroy some cancer cells. For cancer patients, chemotherapy is really painful. Hemp not only kills cancer cells, but also effectively relieves the symptoms of chemotherapy.
  3. The hemp has a significant effect on the treatment of aversion to wind.

How to Operate Mechanical Vegetable Transplanter?

Because it is a mechanical transplanter, it needs to follow certain rules and sequences.

Check connection

Due to the tractor-driven hemp transplanter, the connection should be safe and firm.

Check that the seat is secure and that the tray rack is secure

Because people have to sit on a seat to put hemp seedlings, and the seedlings are placed on tray racks.


Carry out the operation and transplant on the field to see if the vegetable transplanter is running stably and the operation is smooth.

Start transplanting hemp

Start transplanting according to your own requirements, pay attention to driving speed and labor.

Successful Case: Hemp Transplanter for Sale to the United Sates

We received inquiries about hemp seedlings transplanter from US customers at the beginning of the year. He is a hemp grower, mainly for medical use. Because of the increased demand, he needs to expand his production scale. So he needs a hemp transplanter to improve his own benefits. Then he found our company’s transplanter through a Google search, and after watching and browsing, he felt that our product was very suitable for his needs. So we got in touch. Our sales manager, Anna, provided him with relevant information, and the contract was soon confirmed by both parties. We shipped goods to the United States. US customers also sent us feedback.

hemp transplanting in the fields


Q: Can this hemp transplanter be as watermelon transplanter for sale?

A: In fact, yes. Because this machine is essentially a transplanter machine for various seedlings.

Q: How much horsepower does this nursery transplanter need?

A: At least 30HP for 2 rows.

Q: If I need other functions, such as film covering and fertilzing, how to do?

A: Don’t worry. This vegetable transplanter machine is completely customized. Any functions you need can be added during manufacturing the machine.

Q: How about warranty and after-service?

A: 2 years as warranty. We offer parts of machine, video on how to install machine. Also, we provide the 24-online service.