Tractor Type Onion Transplanter Machine

Tractor Type Onion Transplanter Machine

The onion transplanter mainly functions to transplant various seedlings. Of course, this vegetable transplanter can also add other functions. Such as fertilization, rotary tillage, ridges, drip irrigation, watering, etc. We can also customize the tomato transplanting machine according to the customer’s needs. This vegetable seedling transplanter is tractor-driven, thus, powered by a PTO drive. The number of transplanting rows is 2 rows, 4 rows, 6 rows, 8 rows, 10 rows, and 12 rows. Therefore, this machine is very flexible and can meet your different needs. Looking forward to your inquiry!

Features of Vegetable Transplanter

  • Tractor driven. This vegtable seedling transplanter is powered by PTO transmission, so a tractor is essential.
  • Match multiple functions. Because this automatic transplanting machine can be equipped with functions such as rotary tillage, ridge, drip irrigation, etc., we can customize this machine according to customer needs.
  • Customize. This onion transplanter machine is completely customizable to your needs, so there’s no need to worry that this machine won’t work.
  • The number of transplanting rows is diverse. This machine can be transplanted from 2 rows to 12 rows, definitely even rows.
  • Wide range of applications. Suitable for transplanting various seedlings, such as letteruce, cabbage, broccoli, tomato, pepper, etc.

Structure of Onion Transplanter for Sale

The structure of the transplanting broccoli machine is also very simple, and there are seats for artificial seedling placement. There are also seedling trays to place the bred seedlings. The worker sits on the seat and puts the seedlings into the seedling cups.

Structure of transplanting various vegetable seedlings

Technical Parameters of Onion Transplanter Machine

This transplanting cabbage machine has several models available. So, for customers, it’s very flexible to choose the suitable onion transplanter. Also, the model is different, the capacity differs. Besides, you should match with the corresponding tractor to carry out work.

Model Plant spacingRow spacingCapacityRowPower

Advantage of Transplanting Pepper Seedlings Machine

  1. The operation is simple and convenient.
  2. Stable performance.
  3. Save time and effort.

Applications of Autoamtic Onion Transplanter

This automatic transplanting vegetable seedlings machine can transplant all kinds of seedlings, such as transplanting pepper seedlings, tomato, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, sweet corn, pumpkin, hemp seed, okra, cucumber, aubergine, melon, watermelon, capsicum, beans, radish, tobacco, etc.


Strengths Compared to Crawler Transplanters

  1. The price is cheap.
    Although it is also transplanting, this onion transplanter is cheaper and has a price advantage.
  2. Multiple functions.
    On the basis of transplanting, the crawler-type transplanter can be attached with the functions of film covering and laying dropper. However, this transplanting cabbage machine can increase fertilization, rotary tillage, ridge, laying dropper, watering, film covering, etc. The functions are more complete and the range of customization is wider.
  3. The row spacing is larger.
    Some customers need a transplanter with a larger row spacing. At this time, a transplanting eggplant equipment is the best recommendation.


Overall, this onion transplanter can come with a lot of features to suit your needs. Generally speaking, this machine and seedling machine are inseparable, because you need seedlings before transplanting, and seedlings need the nursery seedling machine. We also have self-propelled transplanters, crawler transplanters, for your choice. Welcome to contact us for more information, and we’ll reply very soon!


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