Semi-automatic Nursery Seeding Machine for Sale

The semi-automatic nursery seeding machine, combined with advanced technology, is specially designed to cultivate vegetable and flower seeds into seedlings for the farms and greenhouse, with a capacity of 200 trays per hour. This article describes how the machine works, its features, the seeds that can be planted and how to operate the machine.
semi-automatic nursery seeding machine

The semi-automatic nursery seeding machine, combined with advanced technology, is specially designed to cultivate vegetable and flower seeds into seedlings for the farms and greenhouse.

This nursery seeder machine bears a low price and is very suitable for farmers who do not have a high budget but still aspire to plant seedlings with a high survival rate.

Working Video of Semi-automatic Nursery Seeding Machine for Sale

How does the manual nursery seeding machine work?

Technical Parameter of Semi-automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

This type of manual tray seeder machine for vegetable seed sowing has a capacity of 200 trays per hour, and the nozzle adopts aluminum alloy, high quality.

Material carbon steel
The material of nozzleAluminum alloy
specifications of semi automatic nursery seed sowing machine

Application of Nursery Seed Sowing Machine

The seeding machine is suitable for the cultivation of vegetables, flowers, tobacco, etc. The shape of the seeds can be large, medium, small, and spherical.

Features of Semi-automatic Nursery Seeding Machine for Sale

  1. The semi-automatic nursery seeding machine can cover the film, protect moisture, control temperature, and extend the age of seedlings.
  2. After using the automatic nursery seedling machine, the seedlings emerge neatly, and the seedlings are short and healthy, which is conducive to transplanting and easy to survive.
  3. The manual seedling machines are time-saving, labor-saving, and highly efficient in specialized production. The seedlings in plug trays are planted with precision, and the seedlings are formed at one time.
  4. The semi-automatic nursery seeding machine can save energy, seeds, and seedling site.
  5. The cost of plug seedlings is low. After applying the plug tray, the overall cost can be reduced by 30%~50%.
  6. The seedlings are cultivated by the plug method have strong drought resistance, and the transplanting does not damage the roots. There is no slow nursery period, so is conducive to planting and has a high survival rate.
  7. The seedlings are suitable for long-distance transportation. Plug seedlings should be grown with light cultivation substrate and soilless raw materials as seedling substrates, which have the characteristics of light, strong water retention capacity, and root tufts not easy to disperse, and are suitable for long-distance transportation.
  8. Plug seedlings are suitable for specialized planting, which broadens the market prospects for vegetables and flower markets.
  9. The seedlings in the plug are relatively independent, which not only reduces the spread of diseases between each other but also reduces the contention of nutrients among the seedlings. The rhizome can also fully grow and develop to improve the quality of seedlings.

How to Install and Operate a Seeding Machine?

When receiving the semi-automatic nursery seeding machine, you should know how to install and operate it. Now, read the below information carefully and know the procedures.

Adjust and fix

Adjust the anchor bolts and fix the seeding machine horizontally.

Check pipeline

Check the air pipeline and connect the air source.

Check fixed nozzle

Check the fixed nozzle so that it is in the middle position of the seeding machine, which is able to improve the working efficiency.

Add seeds and adjust the proper location

Spread the dry and impurity-free seeds evenly into the seedling tray, adjust the vibration seeding height, and make the suction nozzle 0.5mm-1mm away from the seed surface. Meanwhile, the distance between the suction nozzle and the seed surface should be the same.

Adjust table guide

Adjust the fixed table guide according to the size of the tray.

Open the air source switch

Slide the blue hand slide valve forward, turn on the air source switch, and adjust the air pressure between 0.5MPa-0.6MPa.

Preparation before working

The operator needs to manually fill the tray with substrate before working.


Push the stainless steel tray onto the nursery sound machine until it touches the desktop switch. At this time, the hole punching cylinder is pressed down to the first row of the tray, and the seeding nozzle is extended.

Automatically work

Turn the handle switch and the machine will automatically ditch the tray and drop the seeds into the tray.

Advantages of Semi-automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

  • Ditching the hole and dropping the seeds can be done at the same time, fully improving the working efficiency.
  • This semi-automatic seeding machine is driven just by air compressor, and you do not need to buy an engine.
  • The suction nozzle is made of aluminum alloy with long service life.
  • The size of the suction nozzle can be customized based on the size of the seeds.
  • Compared with the full automatic seeding machine, this type boasts a lower price, but the seeding effect is the same.

Common Problems and Solutions for Semi-automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

1. What to do if the suction nozzles are blocked?

Shut down the seeding machine in order, re-open the air source, press and hold the unchoke valve. If the suction nozzle is still blocked, you need to remove the suction nozzle and unchoke it with a needle. Finally, install and fix the suction nozzle.

2. Why do the nozzles suck the few seeds?

Adjust the vacuum throttle valve counterclockwise to increase the vacuum pressure. If too many seeds are sucked, adjust the vacuum throttle clockwise.

3. How to do if the seeds can not drop into the tray?

Adjust the seeding throttle valve counterclockwise. When the blowing pressure is too large, reduce the blowing pressure clockwise.

4. How to do if the seeds can not drop into the tray evenly?

Adjust the balance anchor bolts. Adjust the depth of punching, and loosen the M8 bolts on both sides.

Note: If there is no vibration during sowing, adjust the vibration throttle counterclockwise. When the vibration is too large, adjust the vibration throttle clockwise.

Video of Operation of Semi-Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

operation video of nursery seedling machine

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