Vegetable Nursery Seeder Machine for Greenhouse Seeding

Our vegetable nursery seeder machine can raise seedlings of various vegetables, such as cabbage, cauliflower, onion, tomato, cucumber, pepper, and so on. Similarly, it can also raise seedlings of various flowers. In this article, we introduce what kind of seeds can be used for seedlings, what are the advantages, etc. for your reference.
Vegetable Nursery Seeder Machine

The KMR-80 vegetable nursery seeder machine is a vegetable sowing machine. The automatic seeding machine can raise seedlings of various vegetables, such as cabbage, cauliflower, onion, tomato, cucumber, pepper, and so on. Similarly, it can also raise seedlings of various flowers.

Overview of Greenhouse Seeding Machine

Select the seed from precise seeds, and the seedlings grow at one time. A series of steps from the mixing of the substrate, placing the plate, to covering the soil have realized automatic control. The seedling period is 10-20 days, which is shorter than conventional seedlings. So it improves labor productivity, eases labor efficiency, and reduces labor volume.

Vegetable Nursery Seeder Structure Display

Our KMR-80 vegetable nursery seeder machine is mainly composed of two parts. And the two parts synthesize the whole seedling raising machine. The entire seedling raising machine consists of seedbed soil auxiliary funnel, seedbed soil revolving brush, dug a hole, seed funnel, earth covering funnel, earth covering removing brush, conveyor belt, suck needle, etc.


Machine Parameters of KMR-80 Nursery Seeder Machine

This vegetable seeder machine has the requirements of the maximum size of trays, within 320mm. Welcome to contact us for more information!

Voltage / power220v, 600w, 300w
The maximum size for seedling traysWidth:320mm
The size for seed0.3-12mm

Applications of Automatic Tray Seeding Machine

A nursery seeding machine used for growing seedlings in greenhouses.

Applicable in the greenhouse
applicable in the greenhouse

In addition to vegetable seedlings, this seeding machine can raise seedlings of chrysanthemums, peonies, Chinese herbal medicines, lilies, etc.

various applications

Advantages of Greenhouse Seeding Machine

If you are growing vegetables in a greenhouse, you can use a vegetable seedling machine to complete the seedling. The machine can nursery different vegetable seedlings by changing the suction needle. In this way, your greenhouse planting is more diverse, and economic benefits are higher.

A greenhouse seeding machine can save energy, seeds, and seedling space. This seeding machine is direct nursery seedlings with dry seeds. One hole for one seed.

The survival rate of seedlings per unit area is high, and the selection of seedlings can reasonably increase production.

nursery growing in the greenhouse

Nursery seedlings are low-cost. After applying the plug, the overall cost can be reduced by 30%~50%.
Nursery seeding machine used for nursery flowers.

Benefits of Using a Vegetable Nursery Seeder Machine

  1. The seeding substrate used in the seedling tray is environmentally friendly and insect-free. So it has good air permeability, water retention, moderate pH, and low virus pollution. So the grown vegetables are pollution-free and pregnant women and children also can eat.
  2. The root system of the plug seedlings and the root clusters formed by the matrix network is very strong. The nursery seedlings have a high germination rate and vigorous, which greatly saves seeds.
  3. The density of seedlings is several times that of traditional seedlings. Therefore, the fixed investment cost and greenhouse operating expenses of the greenhouse amortized for each seedling are greatly reduced.
  4. The root clusters are not easy to spread and be injured. After transplanting, seedlings can grow quickly without delaying the growth of traditional seedlings.
  5. It has wide applicability. It can nursery cucumber seedlings, cabbage seedlings, onion seedlings, tomato seedlings, pumpkin seedlings, radish seedlings, broccoli seedlings, celery seedlings, rape seedlings, etc. In addition, it can also raise seedlings and flowers.

Exhibition and Export of Vegetable Seed Planting Machine

Our vegetable nursery seeder machine often participates in various exhibitions in the world. With our unique advantages, our machines attract a large number of foreign customers at the exhibition. Our machines are currently exported to Botswana, Nigeria, Canada, the United States, France, Kenya, and so on. Give us positive feedback after using the machine.