Seedling Machine and Transplanter Sent to Botswana

How much hard work is needed for a small seed to grow into a green seedling. But nowadays, seedling raising, sowing, harvesting, all can be done by machines. The technology cultivation has come to us. Technological planting can not only increase yield and reduce labor, but also realize intelligent management and control.

In early August, a customer in Botswana ordered an onion seedling machine and an onion transplanter from our company. Before ordering, the customer told our sales consultant about their demand for the seedling machine. In order to customize the machine more suitable customer’s needs, the customer sent his existing cave tray. And we have helped customers debug well before leaving the factory.If you also want to order a seedling machine, but there is no cave tray, then you can tell us your needs for the seedling machine. In this way, we will not only customize the seedling machine but also provide you with cave tray.

Seedling Machine And Transplanter Sent To Botswana 3

Our transplanter machine can plant 2 rows, 4 rows, 6 rows, 8 rows, 10 rows, 12 rows and so on. Our transplanting machines are all customized according to customer needs.According to the customer’s actual planting situation, we customized an 8-row onion transplanter for this customer.The machine has the functions of leveling, fertilizing, drip irrigation, covering soil, and planting seedlings.The row spacing is 18cm, the plant spacing is 13cm, and the depth is 4-8cm. In order to facilitate the later use for customers, the row spacing and plant spacing are both adjustable for customers. So customers can use this machine to grow other crops.You can watch the video below for specific machine operation.

Transplanter machine
Seedling Machine And Transplanter Sent To Botswana 4

In addition, we have sold two rows of cauliflower transplanter, 4-row amaranth transplanter, 4-row pepper seedling transplanter, 6-row hemp transplanter, 8-row chrysanthemum transplanter, naked seedling transplanter, and crawler-transplanter. If you also need a seedling machine or transplanter, please let us know. We will tailor the production equipment for you.

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