Chili Pepper Seedlings Transplanter

The pepper seedling transplanter machine is a specialized equipment for transplanting pepper seedlings. Our pepper seedling transplanters are available from 2 to 12 rows. And our transplanters can be customized. Welcome to inrquiry!
Self-propelled Chili Pepper Seedlings Transplanter

For transplanting pepper seedlings, a chili pepper transplanter is required. The machine we introduce today for transplanting peppers is a wheeled self-propelled transplanter. The power of this machine is provided by a gasoline engine, the same as crawler type transplanter, so only 2 and 4 rows of pepper seedlings can be transplanted. Also, this self-propelled transplanter only has a transplanting function. In addition, this vegetable transplanter can adjust the plant spacing and row spacing is limited. But this is a fully custom machine, so it can be tailored to your needs. If you are interested, please contact us.

Transplanting Pepper Seedlings Machine Features

1. Wide range of applications: It’s suitable for transplanting onion seedlings, tomato seedlings, lettuce seedlings, eggplant seedlings, pepper seedlings, etc.

2. High productivity, at the same time low seedling loss rate.

3. Applicable to changeable terrain: this self-propelled transplanter can work on both the flat and ridged land.

4. The chili pepper transplanter machine has a simple structure, is easy to operate, and is very user-friendly.

5. Requires one person to operate, control, and move forward。

Structure of Self-propelled Transplanter

As a professional transplanter company, our autoamtic chili pepper transplanter is easy to operate. One person operates the handle to control the forward movement, and then the rest sit on the seat and manually put the seedlings such as peppers into the cup. The tray is for placing the seedlings. In short, the whole structure is reasonable and compact.

strcture of self-propelled transplanter machine

Technical Parameters of Automatic Chili Pepper Seedling Transplanter Machine

From the data, the biggest difference between the two is the adjustment range of row spacing, production volume, and the number of rows planted. A 4-row self-propelled transplanting hot pepper seedlings machine is significantly more efficient than a 2-row transplanter. Also, four rows of transplanters are a bit denser.

ModelGasoline enginePlant spacingRow spacingCapacity for plantingRows

Wide Applications of Automatic Chili Pepper Transplanter

In fact, the scope of application of this machine is very wide. These machines are suitable for transplanting all seedlings including lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, onion, pepper, tobacco, ginger, sugarbeet, celery, etc.

Transplanting Seedlings Effect Display

Effect diaplay
effect diaplay

Successful Case: Manual Chili Pepper Transplanter Machine Sold to Libya

Our sales manager Anna received an inquiry about transplanting pepper seeedlings from Libya. So, after getting to know customer’s demands, she recommended the 2 row self-propelled transplanter. Also, she sent the working video and pictures to Libya customer. Compared to others, he finally decided to purchase from us. And we reached an agreement and delivered the machine safely to his port.

self-propelled transplanter machine

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