Tobacco Transplanter Sold to the United States

The Advantages of Tobacco Transplanter

First of all, we must understand the advantages of the tobacco transplanter machine

  • High production efficiency: 4-5 times of manual transplanting effectiveness, and low labor intensity
  • Scientific structure: independent unit connection and easy to maintain
  • Wide adaptability: naked seedlings and pot seedlings all can be transplanted; row spacing, plant spacing, planting depth, and the number of rows all can be adjusted.
  • Superior performance: special ditch opener, advanced soil covering device, high seeding rate, and survival rate.
  • Complete functions: it can realize trenching, planting, soil covering, film covering, suppression, watering, fertilization, and so on.
  • The high survival rate after transplanting, low damage rate.

The Needs of American Customers Are

Plant spacing is 50cm, row spacing is 50cm, depth is 12cm, planting in two rows.

Ridge size: height 20 cm

Ridge space: 40 cm

Ridge width :100 cm

Plant method: 2 rows on one ridge, Plant in same line

Plant size: length 30 cm, diameter 6 cm

Capacity: 3600 plant/h

According to his needs, we have customized the following machines for customers.

Tobacco transplanter
Tobacco Transplanter Sold To The United States 3

After the machine was customized, our sales consultant sent the photos to the customer and we tested in the field. Meanwhile, a video call was made with the customer to ensure that the machine is normal.

We deliver the machine to customer within 20  days after receive the deposit

Send the photos to the customer after the shipment at the port, and hope he can give us feedback on the use of the machine after receiving the machine.

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Tobacco Transplanter Sold To The United States 4

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