Tobacco Transplanter

Tobacco Transplanter

This tobacco transplanter is a machine specially designed for tobacco transplanting, which integrates tobacco transplanting and watering. This vegetable transplanter works with a tractor, just like a trailed onion transplanter. You can choose from different numbers of transplanting rows. Also, this transplanting tobacco seedlings machine is easy to use and easy to operate. Besides, the tobacco setter machine can be exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, etc. It creates huge profits for customers. Welcome to inquire at any time!

Features of Tobacco Transplanter for Sale

  • Simple structure and convenient operation.
  • Stable performance and good machine quality.
  • A variety of lines to choose to meet different needs.
  • It is suitable for hilly areas, which is conducive to transplantation.
  • High efficiency and labor saving.

Why Purchase Vegetable Tobacco Seedling Transplanter?

There are several reasons to buy a tobacco transplanter:

  1. Tobacco market prospects. With the improvement of living standards and the increase in the number of people, the demand for tobacco increases.
  2. Capture market share. Because of the increased demand for tobacco, the competition among growers has expanded. And the use of tobacco transplanters can help them get a head start.
  3. Bring greater profits. Because you seize the opportunity, you will get more lucrative profits.

Advantages of Tobacco Setter

  1. Transplanting and watering are integrated, with high efficiency.
  2. It works together with tractors and has a high degree of mechanization.
  3. The tobacco transplanter machine is of high quality and has almost no after-sales problems.

Successful Case: Mechanical Transplanter Tobacco Setter to Malawi

Malawi is located in East Africa. In Malawi, tobacco has been in the largest proportion of agricultural land and is also one of the fastest-growing regions in the world for tobacco production. Our business manager, CoCo, received inquiries from customers in Malawi. This Malawi client has a large estate for tobacco growing, so he wanted to buy a tobacco transplanter to increase his efficiency. So he reached out to us and made a video link to learn more about the product. In the end, he decided to buy one of our vegetable transplanters to boost his business.

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