Several Vegetable Transplanter Machines for Sale

Vegetable planter machine is widely used and can be divided into traction multi-row vegetable transplanters and manual seedling transplanter. A variety of operations can be completed at one time: rotary tillage, ridging, fertilization, film mulching, drip irrigation, soil pressing on the membrane, spraying, watering, and transplanting. The number of transplanting rows can be customized range from 1 to 12 rows, and the row spacing, plant spacing, depth, and wheel spacing are all adjustable. Seedling transplanting and watering are carried out simultaneously, ensuring that the planting and watering are in the same location. The water application control realizes timing and quantitative water application through electric induction elements, which can improve the survival rate of seedlings and ensure water conservation. It is more efficient than manual transplanting.

Tobacco Transplanter

The tobacco transplanter we produce can transplant naked seedlings and pot seedlings, which can be operated on ridges and on the ground, and is suitable for field operations. The machine can realize the integration of trenching, transplanting, and watering.

Tobacco transplanter
Several Vegetable Transplanter Machines For Sale 3

Tomato Planter Machine

Tomato seedlings need to be raised before transplanting, that is to say, transplanting pot seedlings. It is suitable for planting in small fields or greenhouses and can be transplanted in the film. This machine has the function of ridging, mulching, transplanting, watering, and soil covering. The row spacing, plant spacing, and depth of tomato transplanting are the same, and the transplanting quality is stable. In the process of transplanting tomato seedlings, the seedlings were not damaged.

Tomato planter machine
Several Vegetable Transplanter Machines For Sale 4

Onion Planter Machine

An eight-row transplanter is generally used when transplanting onions, which can be planted directly on flat ground. You can refer to the case of our customers.

This client uses an eight-row onion transplanter machine. It has the functions of leveling, fertilizing, drip irrigation, film laying, soil covering, and seedling planting. The customer’s row spacing is 18cm, the plant spacing is 13cm, and the depth is 4-8cm. You can watch this video.

Plastic Mulch Transplanter

It is generally composed of a ditch opener, film pressing wheel, soil cover, frame, and so on.

There are two types of plastic mulch transplanter: manpower and mechanical power. It can be used for ground cover cultivation of vegetables, peanuts, tobacco, cotton, fruits, corn, and other crops. In addition to the single operation machine for laying film, the plastic mulch transplanter also has a combined operation machine that performs ground preparation, ridging, drilling, seeding, fertilization, spraying, and other operations while laying the film. The plastic mulch covered by the machine is better than the artificial. Its work quality is good, the borders are neat and plump, the mulch and borders are tightly pressed and compacted, and the efficiency is high.

Plant Transplanter Machines for Sale

Also, we have a water wheel transplanter for sale, hemp transplanter for sale, tree transplanter for sale, transplanter for sale, etc. Please contact us if you need any transplanter machine.

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