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Taizy Farm Machinery

Taizy company is a famous manufacturer specializing in the production of fully automatic and semi-automatic transplanting machines and nursery seeding machines. Established in 2012, We have accumulated abundant experience to produce these machines that fully meets the demand of farmers, helping them plant vegetable and flower seeds.

“Quality for survival, management for efficiency, reputation for development” is our philosophy that runs through the entire company.                 

We constantly introduce high-quality engineer and technical personnel, and adopt advanced technological processes and scientific management. After many years of exploration and research, our experts combine the planting requirements of consumers, continuously improving our machine and optimize our production technology.


Nursery Seeding

Nursery seeding machine designed with high technology, is used to plant vegetable and flower seedlings in greenhouse such as such as Chrysanthemum seed,watermelon seed,rapeseed, broccoli seed,tomato seed,hemp seed,,cucumber seed,cabbage seed,onion seed,comb seed, ,peony seed,, pumpkin seed, cantaloupe seed,chilli seed and daisy seed etc. It can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic type, and both can work with high capacity.


Transplanter machine is to transplant the seedlings cultivated by nursery seeding machine into field, and it also has automatic and semi-automatic type. The transplanted seedlings bear high survival life, and the transplanting depth is adjustable.

Seedling Trays

The seedling tray made of plastic is used to cultivate seedlings, and only one seed can be placed in each tray. Compared with traditional planting mode, this tray can evenly distribute the seeds, enable the high seedling rate and reduces the cost. Each seedling in the plug tray is relatively independent, which not only can avoid the spread of pests and diseases among each other, but also reduces the nutrition competition between the seedlings in order that the root system can be fully developed.

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