Cucumber Transplanter

Cucumber Transplanter

Cucumber is a typical summer vegetable, but its demand is great in the market. It is present all year round. First, use the vegetable seedling machine to raise the seedlings, and then use the transplanter for transplanting, which can greatly improve the efficiency. In this way, investors can better seize market share and get considerable profits. The cucumber transplanter is specially designed for transplanting cucumber seedlings. Of course, not only cucumber seedlings but also onion seedlings, pepper seedlings, etc. can be transplanted. If any doubts, please contact me at any time.

How to Transplant Cucumber Seedlings?

Transplanting cucumber seedlings on a large scale is of course choosing a cucumber transplanting machine. This cucumber transplanter is a tractor-driven type. Of course, there are also self-propelled and crawled types.
First, put the cucumber seedlings on the seedling trays. The tractor drives the vegetable transplanter to move forward, and people manually put the cucumber seedlings into the seedling cups. And then you’re successfully transplanting cucumber seedlings into pots with the movement of the transplanter machine.

Vegetable transplanter machine
vegetable transplanter machine

Advantages of Cucumber Transplanting Machine

  1. Affordable price. Compared to other types of transplanters, this tractor-driven cucumber transplanter is cost-effective.
  2. Multiple functions and a large customization range. The traction type vegetable transplanter can add many functions, such as fertilization, rotary tillage, ridge, drip irrigation, watering, film covering, etc.
  3. Wider row spacing. We have all even row machines from 2 to 12 rows.

Successful Case: Vegetable Seed Planter for Transplanting Cucumber Seedlings Exported to Morocco

Morocco is located in North Africa and is the fourth largest economy in Africa. We have received an inquiry from a customer in Morocco. He grows cucumbers for local star hotels. So he asked about cucumber seedlings transplanting and wanted a vegetable transplanter. After sending him relevant videos, photos, and success cases, he was very quick to sign the contract with us. The whole process was very smooth and fast. After receiving the machine, the Moroccan customer gave us good comments and said, if any chance, he would cooperate with us again. So, in the near future, he introduced his friend to us for purchasing a nursery seedling machine for peony.

Pack cucumber transplanting machine into wooden case
pack cucumber transplanting machine into wooden case

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