Vegetable Nursery Seedling Machine

This vegetable nursery seedling machine can carry out various vegetable seeds sowing, with 95% sowing rate. Its advantages are stated in this article for your reference.
Vegetable Nursery Seedling Machine

Vegetables are common foods in people’s daily life. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and nutrients that people need every day. In the natural production season when vegetables are not suitable, the vegetable nursery seedling machine has its place. The nursery seedling machine introduced today is the KMR-78-2, which fully automatically covers soil, punches, sows, and then covers the soil. In addition, this automatic seedling machine also adds a sprinkler function, which can greatly shorten the time, improve efficiency, and create more profits for users.

Our seedling machines are exported all over the world, such as India, Kenya, Japan, Thailand, Nigeria, America, etc. And customers are very satisfied after receiving our machines.

Tray Seeding Machine for Sale

As a professional seedling machine manufacturer and supplier, our nursery seeding machine is absolutely professional. Moreover, this vegetable nursery seedling machine comes with a sprinkler, 1L water per 2 minutes. In addition, you can use the soil matrix. One hopper can hold 100L of the soil matrix. Soil matrix can better provide nutrients for the growth of seedlings.

vegetable seedling machine with watering

And we also offer seedling trays, black and white. You can tell our professional about your trays requirements and then recommend a suitable one for you.

Vegetable Nursery Seedling Machine Highlights

  1. Wide range of application. All kinds of vegetables is applicable, such as lettuce, cabbage, tomato, etc.
  2. Complete tools. The toolbox is equipped with various tools, and there are 5 sets of trays, covering almost all seeds.
  3. High quality. The seedling machines we provide have almost no after-sales problems after receiving them.
  4. Flexible structure matching. Because this vegetable seedling machine includes 4 parts, two for soil loading, one for drilling and sowing, and one for watering. If you’re on a budget, you can just buy the seeding part and buy the rest slowly as needed.
multiple sowing

Automatic Tray Seeder Machine Market Prospect

Market demand depends on supply and demand. The world’s population consumes a lot of vegetables every day, so the demand for vegetables is high. Then, the market for vegetable nursery seedling machines is naturally very potential.

As we all know, the human body needs a certain amount of vegetables every day. But in winter, if people still want to eat greens every day, they need to take mechanized means. For example, when vegetables are grown in a greenhouse, the nursery seedling machine first grows the seedlings. And then the vegetable transplanter can be for transplanting, which can effectively grow into a certain period of time. Growers can supply and obtain broad benefits.

Successful Case: Hemp Seedling Machine to the United States

Hemp cultivation has a huge potential market in the United States, and greenhouse hemp seedlings are very common. Our U.S. customers operate such hemp plantations. He found us via Google and our business manager Winne got his inquiries. Winne sent him relevant videos and pictures. In addition, the suction nozzle part of our seedling machine can be customized. Then Winne explained the machine details and functions to our customers. Finally, the American customer asked about the payment method and warranty period. After answering these, the two sides reached cooperation. After receiving the machine for a period of time, the American customer sent us feedback pictures of the hemp seedlings. They are growing well and he is very satisfied with the effect of the machine.