Flower Nursery Seedling Machine

Flower Nursery Seedling Machine

The benefits of flowers are well known. Planting flowers edifies people’s sentiments and makes their spiritual world happy. The flower nursery seedling machine provides great convenience for the production and seedling of various flowers. Flowers eg, peony, jasmine, chrysanthemum, Wedelia trilobata, Agave attenuata, Tecoma smithii, etc. These are often for landscaping or embellishment.

Flowers are especially popular in the Middle East. The nursery seedling machine provides more possibilities and also an extremely high survival rate for the growth of flowers.

Advantages of Seed Tray Fill Machine

  1. The flower nursery seedling machine has solid and reasonable structure and exquisite design.
  2. Fully automatic completion of soil covering, drilling, sowing, soil covering and watering.
  3. The survival rate of seedlings is high and the loss rate is low.
  4. Labor saving and high efficiency.
  5. Suitable for planting a variety of flowers and plants.
flower nursery seeder machine

Flower Seedlings Market in the Middle East

Our automatic seedling machine carries out flower seedling raising and then carries out flower planting. When it grows, display for sale in the market. Flowers are mainly used for the below aspects:
Daily decoration. Saudi Arabia wears colorful wreaths. The wreath made of flowers is not only beautiful but also has an exquisite fragrance. Many wreaths can be seen in the local market every day.
The charm of social occasions. Like jasmine. Moreover, jasmine flowers also play an important role in social occasions in Saudi Arabia. When guests enter the reception desk, throw these flowers into the air or give them to guests as gifts.
People’s needs. Because the Middle East is located in the desert, it is very eager for flowers and green plants. This is what people like very much in their daily life.
Exhibition. Display flowers in the Middle East from time to time, such as the Middle East Dubai Flower Gardening Exhibition, one of the global IPM series professional exhibitions.

Successful Case: Flower Nursery Tray Seeder Exported to Saudi Arabia

In the Middle East, flowers are very popular. Our Saudi Arabia customer runs such a farm in the flower business. He asked us about the flower nursery seedling machine. It also shows that he grows flowers and is located in Saudi Arabia. After knowing his needs, our sales manager Lena recommended KMR-80 seedling machine with a watering function. In the beginning, the Saudi Arabia customer still had questions about why they recommended the one with sprinkler function. After giving him a detailed explanation, he was very satisfied. In addition, we also provided a total of 5 sets of suction nozzles, covering almost all seeds, and the toolbox is also fully complete. After receiving the machine, the Saudi Arabia customer also sent us his seedling feedback picture.

flower- seedlings feedback-Sauid Aribia

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