Melon Nursery Seedling Machine

This melon nursery seedling machine is a semi-automatic seedling machine specially designed for melon and fruit seedlings. The article describes the advantages of this nursery seeding machine, how to operate it and others.
Melon Nursery Seedling Machine

Fruits are essential in people’s daily life. This melon nursery seedling machine is a semi-automatic seedling machine specially designed for melon and fruit seedlings. It usually works together with an air compressor. The semi-automatic nursery seedling machine means that it requires artificial put trays and soil cover, but the machine will still fully automatically drill holes for sowing. Because it is specially for melon and fruit, it is suitable for all kinds of melon and fruit seedlings, such as watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, cucumber, etc. Moreover, melon and fruit seedling machines are very popular in Southeast Asia. Our machines have also been exported to Mauritius, Morocco, Kenya, America, etc. Among them, the US customers are mainly used for hemp seedlings.

Melon Nursery Seedling Machine for Sale

This seedling machine is a machine that keeps pace with the times, keeping up with the trend of the times. The nursery seeding machines for sale are very popular in the market.

  1. Exquisite design. As a professional seedling machine manufacturer and supplier, our melon and fruit seedling machine is very flexible in design, with nozzles to suck the seeds for sowing. very precise.
  2. Large market scope. With the continuous development of society, melons and fruits are indispensable in daily life. Moreover, this seedling tray machine can not only carry out seedlings of melons and fruits, but also seedlings of vegetables and flowers. Therefore, melons, fruits, vegetables, and flowers are all covered, and the range is very wide.
  3. Customized service. Our nursery sowing machines are among the best in the market in terms of sales and quality. Also, we provide custom services for this machine, which is produced exactly according to your needs and guaranteed to meet your business needs.
melon and fruit nursery seedling machine

Operation According to Melon Nursery Seedling Machine Instructions

The operation process of this automatic nursery seeding machine is also very simple.
First, artificially cover soil on trays, brush, and then place on the workbench.
Next, the seedling machine automatically punches holes and sows the seeds.
Finally, after the machine work is completed, take it down to carry out artificial covering and brushing.

Successful Case: Melon and Fruit Seedling Machine Exported to Morocco

Moroccan customers grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables, like watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, cucumber, etc. He saw our machine on Google and contacted us. Because he grows all kinds of fruits and vegetables, our business manager Anna provided his services. Because he is going to plant in a greenhouse, and the labor is relatively sufficient, Anna recommended this semi-automatic seedling machine to him. And she sent him relevant machine photos and videos. He was very satisfied after reading it, and had a detailed discussion with Anna on the details, and then signed the contract. After receiving the machine, he also sent us pictures of seedlings and fruits after harvesting and warmly invited us to visit his manor.


Q: Can this seeder tray machine only be used for melons and fruits?

A: No, this seed dispenser machine is suitable for all kinds of seeds, such as carrots, onions, peppers, peonies, hemp, etc. If you have any questions, please contact us for an inquiry.

Q: A nursery seedling machine has several sets of suction nozzles, is it suitable for all seeds?

A: There are 5 sets of suction nozzles, covering almost all seeds.

Q: What is the production capacity of the seedling machine? Can it meet production needs?

A: The production rate of this machine is 200 trays per hour, and we have models KMR-78-2 and KMR-80 recommended if you need more output. For details, please contact us for details.

Q: How is your after-sales service?

A: We provide online after-sales service 24 hours a day. And because the machine is completely customized to your needs and the toolbox is fully stocked, there are very few after-sales issues. From our sales so far, according to experience, there are almost no after-sales problems.

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