How to plant tomato seedling by transplanting machine?

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Tomato is one of the common vegetables in life, and many people like to eat tomatoes. Its taste is particularly good, mixing with sour and sweet feeling. In addition to frying, it also can be directly used as fruit. Some people think that only tomatoes grown by a professional transplanting machine can grow better. Actually, we can grow big and red tomatoes by ourselves. Today, I will share tomato growing experience for you

tomato seedlings

The requirements for water

Tomatoes have a developed root system and are generally transplanted with a high survival rate. When transplanting, the depth should be moderate. Too deep transplanting is not conducive to root growth, while too shallow transplanting is not stable for seedling that may be washed away or blown down when exposed to heavy rain or wind.

At present, many cultivation uses covering thin film to achieve heat preservation and moisture retention, and then water seedlings regularly. After that, it is not necessary to irrigate them frequently, which is convenient for management. Tomatoes need water during the fruiting period, so you should keep the soil moist during that time.

The first tomato flower

If the first tomato flower absorbs too much nutrients, it will not only is harmful for the development of other tomato fruits, but also inhibit the  growth of whole seedlings. Under this circumstance, it seriously affects the yield and quality of tomatoes! If you want to achieve high yields of tomatoes, you need to manage the branches in time to leave one or two buds, and remove the rest to prevent competition for nutrients.

The density of tomato seedlings

The yield of crops will be related to the planting density, so reasonable dense planting should be carried out according to the selected species and the land conditions.

Generally, 500-600 seedlings can be planted per acre of land, but in relatively infertile field, the planting amount can be appropriately increased, and for land with fertility, the amount of planting can be appropriately reduced.

When planting, row spacing is controlled between 40-50cm, and plant spacing is about 30-40cm, which can facilitate field management in the  future. Sufficient space for extension between tomato plants is conducive to photosynthesis.

The requirements for the illumination

Tomatoes need sufficient photosynthesis during the growth period, and sufficient illumination during the seedling stage. Insufficient light will affect flower pollination and the final yield.

The requirements for the fertilizer

Tomatoes have a large demand for fertilizers. Therefore, to ensure the supply of fertilizers,you shall use nitrogen fertilizers in the early stage to promote plant growth, and apply potassium fertilizers in the later stage to promote fruit development.

However, if you want to plant a great number of tomato with high survival rate, transplanting machine is still your first choice.  

tomato seedlings

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