How to transplant onion?

How to transplant onion? In the recent years, onion transplanting machine is very common in the agriculture field to help farmers improve the working efficiency. Today i will share some experience with you about transplanting onion.

Transplanter machine
Onion Transplanting Macine

Land management and fertilization

First plow the land to a depth of 20 cm, and then apply compound fertilizer as the bottom fertilizer, or evenly apply potassium sulfate compound fertilizer to the surface. For soils with severe salinization or compaction, it is best to apply biological bacterial fertilizer together with compound fertilizer as the base fertilizer.

Weeding and covering the film

Cover film before planting. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the herbicide, the surface of the film should be moist.

Seedling transplanting by onion transplanting machine

The onion seedlings can be transplanted in 60 days. The seedling trays should be kept moist for about 7 days before transplantation, and you should water the trays to make the substrate compact. In addition, use a blade to scrape off the excess root system at the bottom of the seedling tray so that the onion transplanting machine can work smoothly.

The transplanting time can also be selected according to the condition of the seedlings. It is necessary to select seedlings with developed root systems, robust growth and uniform size. Do not use diseased seedlings, branch seedlings, or overgrown or undergrown seedlings. Most important, select the seedlings according to the height and thickness of them.

What should you note?

1. You can firstly select the strong seedlings when using onion transplanting machine. After grading, seedlings of the same size can be planted together for easier management,which also is able to promote consistent field growth.

2. When transplanting, the seedlings should be vertical, and cannot be turned upside and down.

Pest Control

At present, in the onion cultivation experiment, the control of pest and diseases relies on artificial spraying of pesticides, which can effectively reduce the growth of pests, increasing the final yield. Onions are susceptible to downy mildew, purple spot, and blight. Pest control also can be carried out according to weather conditions.

Management after using onion transplanting machine

After transplanting, you should irrigate them as soon as possible. The seedling period is about 20 days after the onion is planted. The principle of water management is to use more water to keep the soil moist.

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