Nigeria’s customer ordered 2 sets vegetable nursery seeder machine

We received the deposit of 2 sets vegetable nursery seeder machine with 250000 pieces seedling trays in the morning today. This customer comes from Nigeria, and he runs a vegetable planting company for many years.

You may be confused about why he just buys 2 sets vegetable nursery seeder machine with such a great number of seedling trays, for he has many different kinds of vegetable seeds to plant. The size of all seedling trays he orders is 10*20 cell.

We are preparing for the vegetable nursery seeding machine for him now, and they will be delivered within 7 days.

Why his vegetable planting company run smoothly for many years?

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with 70% of the labor force engaged in agriculture. Based on the local abundant agricultural resources and the needs of industrial development, the Nigerian government, agricultural associations and local farmers are willing to build vegetable planting system for technology demonstration, training and industry promotion.

In recent years, Nigeria plans to introduce greenhouse nursery cultivation technology, fish farming technology, water-saving irrigation technology, small agricultural product processing technology, etc. At the same time, they aim to establish a comprehensive vegetable cultivation demonstration base, industrial incubation and training center.

Why he chooses Taizy vegetable nursery seeder machine?

  1. Professional service. As long as he has any problems, our salesman is able to solve them in time, which makes him very satisfied. Besides,
  2. Perfect production system. Whatever from the production of small spare parts to the material of seedling trays, we have Strict quality supervision system to ensure that the quality of our vegetable nursery seeder machine meets international standards.
  3. Comprehensive after-sale service. We not only provides him 24h online service, but send him free spare parts for free during the warranty time.

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