The features of vegetable seed planter in different countries

The features of vegetable seed planter in different countries are diverse, and The United States, Canada, and Australia are three typical countries. Its industrial characteristics are large production and large circulation. The production is characterized by superior natural conditions, regional layout, farms as the main body, and highly specialized transplanting machine.

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Nursery Seeding Machine

The factors to affect the vegetable seed planter

Scientific management in cultivation, environment and pesticides has achieved during pre-production and post-production. At the same time, company-owned farms have integrated supply, marketing, and distribution as a whole.

The United States, Canada, and Australia all follow the path of resource intensification and mechanization. Vegetable production tends to be mechanized with high-tech, multi-functional, large-scale and automated features, which places higher requirements on vegetable seed planter.

Vegetable seed planter in USA

Taking the United States as an example, the regionalization of vegetable production in the United States has obvious characteristics. It has taken the lead in modernizing the vegetable industry, and the emergence of vegetable seed planter has achieved the annual balanced supply of different vegetables.

The development characteristics of the U.S. vegetable industry

First, the production is regionalized, which is mainly reflected in the market competition, natural advantages such as climate and soil quality, and developed transportation and communication conditions.

Second, the layout is specialized. The vegetable production layout is suitable for local conditions.

Third, the socialization of industrial services. The U.S. vegetable industry service system is very complete. The entire vegetable industry has basically realized the socialized services. Professional production is premised on socialized services and is delivered to different farms. Reliable contract credit and perfect social service are a necessary prerequisite for this model.

Fourth, it is the whole process of mechanization. vegetable seed planter are widely used when growing vegetables in the United States, and they have achieved automation and intelligence.

How about the transplanting mode in EU?

The European Union has a variety of climatic and topographical conditions, and the vegetables are very rich. Therefore, they need a large number of vegetable seed planter. The European Union is one of the world’s main tomato producing areas. The southern European member states mainly cultivate seedlings in open field, supplemented by greenhouse production, while the Netherlands or Belgium mainly produce vegetable in greenhouses.

Vegetables are an important part of EU organic agriculture. In terms of vegetable production, the European Union has increased the use of transplanter machine to ensure that people can eat a variety of fresh vegetables. In terms of vegetable international trade, the EU has adopted many support measures to increase the international competitiveness of the vegetable industry and promote vegetable export trade. As for macro management of the vegetable industry, the EU relies on common agricultural policies to guide the coordinated development of the vegetable industry in various countries.

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