Do you know the seeding machine for nursery?

As the name implies, a seeding machine for nursery is designed to raise seedlings of various types of fruits and vegetables as well as flower seedlings. Designing and inventing the seeding machine is to enable the majority of nursery farmers to carry out their nursery business more quickly and efficiently, and to generate income for them. Moreover, the nursery tray seeder machine can also be applicable for nurseries in greenhouses. Therefore, the nursery seeding machine is an ideal machine for those engaged in the seedling industry.

Seeding machine for sale

As a professional producer and manufacturer of seedling transplants, we have a wide range of seeding machines. In general, there are three types of seeding machines, one semi-automatic and two fully automatic. Each of them has its own unique advantages.

Semi-automatic seeding machine for nursery requires manual mulching and tray placement, and then the machine automatically performs the task of drilling and sowing the seeds and then manually takes out the tray.

KMR-78 manual nursery seeder

The fully automatic seedling machine only needs to manually place the tray, and then the machine can automatically complete the mulching, perforating and sowing, and then mulching again.

KMR-78-2 nursery seedling machine with watering
KMR-80 nursery sowing machine

Advantages of seed sowing machine

  1. Wide range of applications. Our seed sowing machine is suitable for the seedling of various fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  2. convenient and efficient, save time and create more profit for the enterprise.
  3. It can be together with vegetable transplanting machine to form an efficient production process line of first seedlings and then transplanting.

We have been engaged in foreign trade business for 11 years. The seeding machine for nursery has been exported to more than 80 countries and regions, such as USA, Gianna Da, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, etc.

For example, our sales manager Anna has exported two semi-automatic nursery machines to Malaysia. And Coco has exported fully automatic nursery seeding machine to Botswana.

Working video of automatic tray seeder machine

The fully automatic nursery machine is fully automatic in the whole process of mulching, perforating and sowing, and then mulching. The whole process is very convenient and easy to operate. Overall, the fully automatic seedling machine is a machine specially for raising seedlings.

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