Two Semi-Automatic Nursery Seeder Machines Sold to Malaysia

The Overview of Nursery Seeding Machine

As we know, nursery seeding machines are time-saving, labor-saving, and highly efficient in specialized production. The seed in the plug trays are planted with precision, and the seedlings are formed at one time. Compared with conventional seedlings, the seedling period of the seeder machine takes 10-20 days less, which improves labor productivity, eases labor efficiency, and reduces labor volume. The volume of seedlings in the enterprise area is enlarged and the conventional seedlings are higher. The selection of plug seedlings can reasonably increase and maintain the production area.

Low-cost plug seedling cultivation. After applying the plug, the overall cost can be reduced by 30%~50%.

The Semi-Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine in Malaysia

The customer in Malaysia is a vegetable farmer who grows and sells his own vegetables. In order to improve the survival rate and planting speed of seedings, this customer bought two semi-automatic nursery seeding machines from us to grow onions. In addition, the customer ordered different types of suction needles to grow other vegetables. After receiving the machine, the customer gave us feedback in time.

Semi-automatic nursery seeding machine
Semi-Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

Malaysian Customer Video feedback of Nursery Seeder Machine Work

The customer feedback video to us means that the quality of the nursery seeder machine is good, and it also shows that the customer is satisfied with our machine.

Which Crops Are Suitable for Semi-Automatic Nursery Machine

At present, the semi-automatic seedling raising machine we sell can raise seedlings of various vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Such as onion seedlings, tomato seedlings, pepper seedlings, watermelon seedlings, lettuce, cabbage, chrysanthemum seedlings, roses, morning glory, tobacco, and so on. Realize different crop raising seedlings by changing the suction needle.

Seedling machine suction needle
Seedling Machine Suction Needle

Why Malaysian customers choose us

Our Taize Machine is a manufacturer specializing in the production of nursery raising machines and seedling transplanting machines. These two machines are often used in combination. The survival rate of transplanting seedlings after nursery raising is higher. At present, the machines we sell are fully automatic vegetable nursery seeding raising machines, semi-automatic seedling raising machines, transplanting machines, plug seedling trays. With the demand of the market, our machines are constantly updated. At present, our machines have been sold to Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Bahrain, Seychelles, Thailand, Mexico, etc.


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