Tips to guide you to choose the right transplanter for the onion seedlings

Onion is an essential food in the day side life. Onions are used in countries all over the world. Therefore onions are widely cultivated. However, it is very laborious and inefficient to rely only on human labor. Thus, in response to the trend of the times, nursery machines and transplanters have emerged. The nursery seeder machine is used for all kinds of seedlings, including, of course, onion seedlings. And transplanters, as the name suggests, are used to transplanting various seedlings such as onions. Compared to manual planting, these machines are more efficient and accurate, and have a high survival rate, saving time and energy, thus reducing costs. Here is a simple guide to help you learn and understand transplanters, which I hope will be helpful to you.

How to raise the onion seedlings?

In reality, there are two ways of raising onion seedlings: naturally and mechanized means. With the development of technology in our society, more and more technological means are used in all aspects. The seedling industry is certainly no exception. For onion growers, the sooner they grow onions, the sooner they can earn money. Therefore, it is now very common to use the plug seedling machine for onion seedlings. At Taizé Machinery, we have the fully automatic seedling machine and the semi-automatic seedling machine for you to choose from. You can choose according to your size, budget, and other needs. Of course, our sales manager will also give you very professional and reasonable advice based on your needs.

How many kinds of vegetable transplanter machines?

As a seeder & transplanter manufacturer and supplier, we have three types of machines available for transplanting onion seedlings.

Onion seedlings transplanting by vegetable transplanter
onion seedlings transplanting by vegetable transplanter

The first type is the self-propelled transplanter. The most distinctive feature of this type of transplanter is the manual hand-operated operation, which is why it is also called a semi-automatic transplanter. In addition, it is possible to transplant only 2 and 4 rows.

The second type of transplanter is the crawler transplanter. This type of transplanter is because it uses the crawler belt(like a tank) to work in the field. Also, there is a person who is dedicated to operating the machine on the machine.

The third type is the traction transplanter. It is because this transplanter is used together with a tractor and has a very wide transplanting range. The performance is stable and fully functional.

All three kinds of transplanters can carry out a variety of fruits and vegetables and flower seedlings transplanting activities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Which one is proper to transplant the onion seedlings?

When transplanting onion seedlings, how do you choose a suitable machine? The main factors to consider are below.

Function. When transplanting onion seedlings, whether you want to do only transplanting, or whether you want to do mulching, drip irrigation, and other functions together, this determines which type of machine to choose.

Cost. If you have an adequate budget, you can choose the best quality machine with the best features possible. Conversely, you need to choose a transplanter that is within your means.

Flexibility. After shopping for a machine, you want to figure out if it’s cost-effective, if it is only for one type of seed or if it can be used for many types of seeds.

Production speed. It is also important to know whether the machine’s production capacity can meet your requirements.

In short, there are many factors to consider, the above is for reference only. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Precautions for operating the seedling transplanter

  1. Inspection of seedling transplanter parts or maintenance should be carried out after parking, to prevent damage to maintenance personnel.
  2. The tractor must be checked and qualified according to the instruction manual and maintained before hanging the seedling transplanter for operation.
  3. The transplanter for onion seedlings must be carefully checked and maintained according to the instructions before use.
  4. Users must first understand the characteristics and matters of the vegetable transplanter before operating it.
  5. Do not open or remove the protective cover when the machine is running, otherwise, the chain will involve the arm and cause personal accidents.
  6. It is forbidden to work when reversing or turning on the ground.
  7. Keep away from the articulated lifting area when the machine is running.
  8. The machine must be checked once every four hours of work to ensure that the technical condition is normal.

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