Advantages of the self-propelled transplanter

On the basis of introducing, digesting, and absorbing the production technology of the foreign self-propelled transplanter, the self-propelled transplanter can efficiently transplant a wide range of nutrient-bearing seedlings transplanting. In addition, this vegetable transplanter machine is a crop planting machine with the leading level in China, which is actually researched and developed based on agricultural needs. And the advantages of the self-propelled transplanter machine attract most people from all over the world to purchase. So, if you are interested, please contact us at any time!

Characteristics of the self-propelled transplanter

A better understanding of the advantages of a self-propelled transplanter can make it more comfortable to buy.

Scope of application: applicable to a variety of seedling-like crops, to meet a variety of planting needs. Such as onion, cabbage, chili, eggplant, tomato, etc.

Adjustable handle: the handle is controlled by the operator, so that it’s easy for the operator to control the direction.

Multi-purpose machine: it saves time and effort, and is a self-propelled seedling transplanter.

High transplanting efficiency: because of the high power, high horsepower.

Planting on various fields: on flat land, ridge, and film.

High accuracy: transplanting turntable, planting seedlings by plant, high accuracy.

Pattern wheel belt: suitable for field operation.

Working principle of the vegetable seedling transplanter

The machine is equipped with a gasoline engine to generate power and control the operation of each component through the gearbox and clutch. 2ZBZ-2/4 self-propelled transplanter has many practical advantages such as automatic driving, transplanting, and lateral seedling planting.

What are the parameters of the 2ZBZ-2/4 transplanter?

Plant spacing200-500mm200-500mm
Row spacing300-500mm150-300mm

From the above table, we can clearly know that this self-propelled transplanter only has 2-row and 4-row planting. And it has the biggest advantage of customization. After you tell your demands to our sales manager, she will offer the most suitable solutions to meet your needs.

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