The Differences Between Auto Nursery Machine and Semi-Auto Nursery Machine

The Functional Difference Between the Two Machines

The automatic nursery raising machine can realize the processes automatically to cover the soil, punching, sowing, and sprinkling. The fully automatic nursery seedling machine adopts a new integrated, automatic, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving design.

The semi-automatic seed raising machine does not have the function of automatically covering the soil. The machine will automatically stop after a seedling tray is sowed, and it will automatically start to sow after the next seedling tray is placed.

The Difference Between the Prices of the Two Nursery Seedling Machines

In terms of function, the fully automatic nursery seedling machine is more expensive than the manual seedling raising machine, but it can realize multiple functions.

The Difference in Nursery Range

From the perspective of the seedling raising range, there is no difference between the automatic seedling raising machine and the semi-automatic nursery seeding machine, which can raise seedlings of various fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin, tomatoes, eggplant, loofah, lettuce, etc. Buying a nursery seeding machine can also raise seedlings of various crops, you only need to replace the suction needle.

Suction needle
Suction Needle

The Difference in Customer Select

The automatic seedling raising machine is relatively large in size and efficiency is high. So it is very suitable for farmers who plant a large area of land. The semi-automatic seedling raising machine is relatively small, and it is easy to operate. So the machine is suitable for individual farmers. In order to improve the survival rate of your seedlings, we recommend that every family has a semi-automatic seedling raising machine.

Nursery seed raising machine
Nursery Seed Raising Machine

Why Do You Need a Nursery Seed Machine

The nursery seed raising machine is used to raise seedlings in the plug tray because the seedlings have strong drought resistance, and the transplanting does not damage the roots and there is no slow seedling period. Tray seedlings are also conducive to planting and have a high survival rate. The seedlings in each hole in the plug tray are relatively independent, which not only reduces the spread of diseases between each other but also reduces the contention of nutrients between the seedlings. The rhizomes of seedlings can also grow and develop adequately and improve the quality of seedlings. Tray seedlings are suitable for specialized planting, which broadens the market prospects for the vegetable market. The application of tray seedlings keeps the vegetable seedlings systematized, the seedling supply is kept technically, and the processing process is kept professional, which is widely loved by everyone and is being promoted rapidly at this stage.


If you want a large area of intermediate vegetables and fruits, or want to specialize in your planting industry, you can choose an automatic seedling machine or a semi-automatic seedling machine.

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