Automatic flower nursery raising machine exported to the Middle East

As soon as you hear the Middle East, you know that this is a region with a large area of desert. But at the same time, oil resources are abundant, and people are generally rich. Therefore, the local people attach great importance to greening. And they have a soft spot for flowers. Well, seedling machines are very popular here. We have exported an automatic nursery raising machine for growing flowers to the Middle East.

Order details

The Middle East customer contacted us via going through our nursery & transplanter machine article. After reading, he thought this machine perfectly matched his needs. At the very beginning, he put forward, he wanted one automatic nursery raising machine for flowers. He had a big garden and wanted to decorate it with various flowers. Hence, he wanted the suitable one for his garden.

After knowing these, our sales manager, Grace, recommended the KMR-78-2 with the watering device to him. She explained that due to the weather conditions, the watering device was much better for watering. And relevant videos and photos were sent to check and confirm. The Middle East customer read these, and immediately signed the contract with us. And we arranged and shipped the machine.

packaged and loaded machines

Why choose a fully automatic seedling tray machine?

Because many areas of the Middle East are deserts, water is precious. Therefore, when purchasing flower seedlings, it is necessary to fully consider the local situation. A nursery tray machine with a sprinkler can help buyers more efficiently. Because this machine can automatically complete the soil covering, digging, seed sowing, soil again, and watering. This working procedure greatly improves the working efficiency and also saves labor.

Advantages of Taizy nursery seeding machine

  1. Full automation. That’s why only one or two persons are enough to operate this machine.
  2. High efficiency. In the whole progress, it’s automatic, so that the working efficiency is improved.
  3. Stainless steel material. This stainless steel material is dural, and long service life.
  4. CE certificate. Our machines meet the relevant stipulated regulations and rules.
  5. Wide applications. Total 5 sets of nozzles are along with the automatic nursery raising machine, covering almost seeds.

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