Simple & quick: automatic seed sowing machine for tomato

Tomato is a fruit and vegetable that is often consumed in life. It can be eaten not only raw but also fried for cooking. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and are widely planted all over the country, so do you know how such delicious tomatoes are sown in large quantities?

Automatic seed sowing machine for tomato seedlings raising

Tomatoes are usually grown in cavity trays by the automatic nursery tray seeder. And then when the seedlings are ready for transplanting, they can be transplanted directly into the field. At this time, you only need to provide enough water, sunlight, nutrition, good prevention of pests and diseases, and so on for two months to eat big and delicious tomatoes.

vegetable seedling machine with watering

Do you know how tomato seedlings are raised? Actually, the traditional way of seedlings is to sow the seeds by the process of manually digging holes, sowing, and covering the soil. But with the rapid development of the country, this seedling way is no longer suitable for large-scale planting. For this phenomenon, the automatic seed sowing machine, also called the nursery seedling machine, is raised.

Advantages of using the nursery seeding machine for tomato

The whole process of this nursery seeder machine is controlled mechanically, and the tray loading, scraping, hole pressing, seeding, soil covering, scraping, and other procedures are all done by machine operation.

Reduce the involvement of humans: originally need about 20 people for seedling work, with the intelligent automatic seed sowing machine only 3 ~ 4 people are required.

Control the quantity of the seed to sow: This CNC automatic seed sowing machine can control the number of seeds to sow very well, such as one seed in one hole, two seeds in one hole, three seeds in one hole, four seeds in one hole, etc. The accuracy can be controlled at about 98%, and the main thing is that it can raise seedlings at high speed, about 500-600 trays per hour.

Because of the automatic seed sowing machine, it can meet most of the vegetable seedlings in the market. One machine with multi-purpose applications can be very practical. So, if you are interested in this automatic seed sowing machine, welcome to contact us!

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