How to correctly use the nursery tray seeder?

When you buy a nursery tray seeder, you must use it properly and achieve your expected results afterward. So, when you receive the seedling machine, do you know how to use it properly? And what is the effect yous achieve? Please read on and I will help you to know more.

The correct way to use the nursery tray seeder for the best nursery effect

Preparation: Before using the seeding machine for the nursery, you need to prepare the seedling soil, seedlings trays, and seeds. Place the seedling tray on the tray of the seedling machine (and add water to the water tank, if there is one) according to the instructions for the seedling machine.

Start: Plug the power supply of the nursery tray seeder machine into the power outlet and turn the seeding machine on according to the instructions.

Work: Set buttons of the seedling machine such as the”absorb seed” “put seed into hole” etc to meet your requirements. When the work finishes, repeat it.

If you have any doubts, we also attach the manual for your reference. Or you can get video support if needed.

Real improvement in planting efficiency and quality with the use of nursery machines

Proper use of a nursery tray seeder can significantly improve planting efficiency and quality because it can effectively increase the germination rate and growth rate of seeds. The nursery seeding machine can make seeds grow in an optimal environment, which improves the survival and viability of seeds.

Besides, When growing crops with a nursery seed sowing machine, you can greatly shorten the seedling period and improve planting efficiency while obtaining better yields and quality.

How to use the manual nursery tray seeder machine?

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