How big should onion seedlings be before transplanting?

Onion is a kind of food in people’s daily life. It contains prostaglandin A, which can be used to lower blood pressure, refresh the mind, relieve stress, and prevent colds. In addition, onion can enhance metabolism, anti-aging, prevent osteoporosis, is a healthy food suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

But onions grow in seasons. Therefore, it is necessary to use the power of technology to grow onions. Generally speaking, raising and transplanting onion seedlings can create opportunities to make big profits for investors. Let me introduce it step by step.

How to plant onion seeds?

No matter where onions are grown, onion seedlings can help investors seize market opportunities faster and make huge profits. But how to grow onions? This requires a seedling machine. With the help of the seedling machine, it can improve efficiency, save manpower, and create convenient conditions for seizing the market. Then onion seedlings transplanting is the next step. Compared with artificial seedlings, seedlings can greatly help you shorten the time and improve efficiency. The precision rate of the nursery seedling machine is >97-98%, and the success rate of seedlings is as high as 98%. Our machines are also exported to America, Canada, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Thailand, etc. Feel free to contact me for more details.

Can I transplant onion seedlings?

Of course, you can. Whether you need it for your own home or business, you can transplant it yourself. You can choose manual or machine for transplanting onion seedlings. For machine transplanting, a vegetable transplanter is required. Vegetable transplanters can complete the transplanting job faster and more efficiently. Therefore, whether you are an individual, a farmer, or an investor, you can choose a vegetable transplanter for transplanting.

Onion seedlings transplanting by vegetable transplanter
onion seedlings transplanting by vegetable transplanter

When can I transplant onion seedlings?

Transplanting onions from seed when they reach a certain stage of growth. Neither too early nor too late. So, when is the onion transplanting time? In general, when the onion seedlings grow to 5 to 6 inches tall, it’s time to do transplanting onion seedlings into individual cells.

Onion seedlings in the greenhouse
onion seedlings in the greenhouse

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