How to cultivate tobacco by nursery seeder machine?

If you want to cultivate tobacco in a greenhouse with a nursery seeder machine, you must use the most advanced technology so as to successfully grow a robust tobacco seedlings, increasing the final yield.

Tobacco seedlings
Tobacco Seedlings

What should you prepare?

Standards of high quality tobacco seedlings

High-quality tobacco seedlings have thick stems, dark green leaves, developed root systems without any diseases and insect pests. All the tobacco seedlings are tidy and uniform. The seedling time is about 60-70 days, and the number of leaves per seedling is 7-8 pieces. The stem height is about 12㎝, and the stem circumference is about 2.0㎝.


Bleaching powder is a more common disinfectant. After mixing with water, it can produce a powerful and rapid sterilization effect after a series of chemical reactions. What’s more, it has a deodorizing effect, and prevent some diseases.


The ratio of N, P, K is 20:10:20, and they can be used for seedling cultivation

Micro elements: copper 0.1%, iron 0.1%, zinc 0.2%, boron 0.2%, molybdenum 0.01%, chloride ion content ≤1.5%.

Substrate: all materials should be mixed uniformly, with high granularity, soft feel and good ventilation.

Water quality: The seedbed should be cleaned with water. To achieve a pollution-free state, tap water can be used. It is forbidden to use ponds or polluted river, which will trigger various diseases. Before using, you should check the the pH value and nutrients of the water.

How to operate?

Greenhouse Disinfection

Remove weeds and debris inside and outside the greenhouse, and seal for 5-7 days after disinfection. It is best to sprinkle quicklime once every 3 days at the door of the nursery greenhouse.

Seedbed disinfection

The disinfectant should be soaked in the topsoil more than 4cm, then sealed with a film for 5-7 days, and then peeled off the film to loosen the soil. You also need to use herbicides and pesticides for  several times.

Substrate loading and seeding

Put the substrate on the tray, and push the substrate evenly into the seedling hole with a wooden board. Repeat this 2 or 3 times to facilitate the working efficiency of the nursery seeder machine. When the nursery machine is working, it is necessary to check whether there are tray without any substrate, if so, you should fill the holes in time. there can only be one seed in each tray, which is beneficial to improve the survival rate.


When using nursery seeder machine, you should check whether there are hollow holes in the seedling tray and fill it up in time.


When fertilizing, the amount of fertilizer to be applied should be determined according to the volume of water in the seedbed.

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