How to plant cucumber in winter by nursery machine?

The climate is cold in winter. Many plants spend cold winters by deciduous leaves, retain tubers, and retain the seeds to complete the growth cycle. But with the continuous promotion of modern agriculture, in order to meet the needs of consumers, we are required to cultivate excellent cucumber seedlings in winter.How to achieve it? Generally, it can be grown in a greenhouse by using a cucumber nursery machine.

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cucumber nursery machine
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How to choose greenhouse?

We choose double-arched glass greenhouses for seedling cultivation. This will help to increase the temperature better in cold winter to ensure the normal growth of cucumbers. However, due to the cold external weather and the heat loss after one night, if there is no light, the inner temperature is basically only about two degrees difference from the external temperature in the next day. As a result, such a temperature can hardly reach the basic conditions for cucumber growth, so we should use other methods.

Cucumber shed
Cucumber Seedlings Planted By Nursery Machine

Preparation for hotbeds

Firstly, sandy soil is used as the bottom insulation bed, with a height of about 8cm-10cm, a width of 150cm, and a length of about 8m. After laying the sandy soil, cover 2cm perlite. The function of perlite is to prevent plant roots from penetrating into the soil or causing root damage during transplanting seedlings, and to improve the survival rate.

The combination of a 5.5kw intelligent temperature controller and a 150m agricultural nursery geothermal line can be used as a heating device for the hotbed. The main points of installation are:

1. Geothermal lines cannot cross

2. The connection must be waterproof and leak-proof.

3. Distance is about 5cm-8cm.

4. Do not use the geothermal line to directly connect the temperature controller.

5. Use non-conductive bamboo or plastic tube at the corner of the line.

6. After it is installed, it is buried 2cm under the perlite to reduce the wear caused by frequent contact with the plug tray and cause leakage.

Due to the low outdoor temperature, it is difficult to ensure sufficient temperature by relying solely on the geothermal line. Therefore, it is necessary to build a bamboo arch. The height of the bamboo arch is between 80cm-100cm. In order to ensure the beauty and sturdiness of the greenhouse, you should add bamboo chips in the middle and both sides, and fix them with small iron wires. After the preparation, you can cover with a 1.5m transparent mulch film as a thermal insulation material.

Cucumber seedlings
Cucumber Seedlings Planted By Nursery Machine

Preparation of light fill equipment

The light is insufficient in winter, so the installation of supplementary light is particularly important. We can use 400W high-pressure sodium lamps to supplement the light. The installation height is about 170cm, and the fill light is installed on the lifting system that is controlled by a control cabinet. The purpose of this is to adjust the fill light up and down according to the growth of the cucumber to ensure the proper light for its growth.

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