How to plant eggplant in the greenhouse?

How to plant eggplant in greenhouse? With the development of cultivation technology, a growing number of farmers use eggplant nursery seeder machine,today i will share you with some experience about how to plant eggplant in greenhouse.

Eggplant seedling
Eggplant Seedling Planted By Seeding Machine

Variety selection

Eggplants have a slower fertility, and like high temperature and strong light. However, it is not resistant to high humidity. Eggplant greenhouse cultivation in early spring is not easy to carry out. Therefore, you should choose the seeds that is able to resist cold weather and disease, and has low light tolerance. Besides, the seeds also should be suitable for dense planting. Most important, corresponding management measures can be used so as to obtain the desired yield.

Timely sowing

In winter, the temperature is low and the light is poor. The external environment is not conducive to the growth of eggplant seedling. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the temperature in the greenhouse and supplement the appropriate light. The temperature during germination should be kept at 30 ~ 35 ℃ in the daytime, 20 ~ 22 ℃ at night. The temperature at seedling stage should be 20 ~ 25 ℃ in the daytime, and above 17 ℃ at night.

At the same time, a certain amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers should be added to the trays of eggplant nursery seeder machine.

At the seedling stage, the root system is weak and its absorption capacity is poor. Watering should be based on such principle, that is, providing a small amount of water with many frequency one time. What’s more, pay attention to keeping good lighting conditions.

Reasonable nutrient management

Attention should be paid to balancing the relationship between vegetative growth and reproductive growth to prevent over flowering, which can increase the rate of fruiting.

Fertilization should not be premature, especially when applying fertilizer to eggplant seedlings for the first time. After that, nutritional supplementation should be taken to prevent seedlings withering.

You need to note that the fertilization ratio should be appropriate, if not, excessive fertilization will cause blind growth of seedlings, which will trigger imbalance among seedlings. It will be good if the height of all seedlings can keep consistent that is beneficial for field management.

Strengthen eggplant seedling adjustment

You should timely remove the old leaves, yellow leaves and diseased leaves. Proper density and concentrated nutrient supply can greatly improve fruiting yield.

If you are a farmer and engage in eggplant cultivation, i strong recommend you to buy a eggplant nursery seeder machine, since it really can improve your working efficiency!

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