How to plant lettuce?

With the development of lettuce seeding machine, a large number of lettuces are planted in greenhouses, where you can effectively adjust the conditions needed for lettuce growth, increasing the yield of lettuce.

Nursery seeder machine
Lettuce Seeder Machine

Seed treatment

When buying seeds, we try to choose some varieties that are more resistant to low temperatures, since they can be well adapted to the cold weather in winter. Besides, you shall pick out the incomplete seeds, and then soak intact seeds in warm water for a period of time,which can effectively kill some bacteria carried on the surface. Many people choose to stir the lettuce seeds with some disinfectant at this time, which can prevent some diseases in the subsequent production process.

How to cultivate lettuce seedlings?

Generally, it is convenient to use lettuce seedling machine to plant, and it really can improve the survival rate. However, if you do not have this machine now, you also can plant it in other ways. In order to adapt to the planting environment, we need to carry out a relatively large amount of renovation on the lettuce field before cultivating seedlings, and add a lot of fertilizer to ensure that the lettuce has a sufficient nutrient supply during the growth process. After that, you can evenly spread seeds in the nursery field, and then cover them with a layer of plastic film, which can maintain the temperature and humidity, and is more conducive to seed germination.

When the seedling has two or three leaves, we need to remove some broken, which can increase the air permeability of the soil and speed up the growth of the seedling. When the lettuce has three or five leaves, it is time to transplant it.

Nursery seeder
Lettuce Seedlings In The Greenhosue

How to transplant?

In order to get higher survival rate during the transplanting process, it can be planted into the vegetable field together with the soil at the root. Dig a pit with a depth of five centimeters, then place the seedlings in the pit and bury it with soil. After all the work is done, we must reserve enough space for the lettuce to grow, that is, the distance between each pit is about ten centimeters. Then we need to pour a layer of water into the ground. At this time, the water flow must be slow to increase the germination rate.

Nursry seeding machine
Lettuce Planted By Seeding Machine

What should you note?

Replacing those withered seedlings in time can improve land utilization and yield. Then you should check whether there is water in the vegetable field, and you can irrigate appropriately if necessary. In this process, because the big seedlings have basically adapted to the soil environment, a small amount of urea can be applied to promote the growth rate.

Lettuce also needs a suitable ambient temperature during the growth process. Generally, around 20 degrees is the most conducive to its growth, so if it is planted in a greenhouse, we must strictly maintain the temperature. If the temperature is found to be too low, you can burn the charcoal in the greenhouse.

Due to relatively closed environment and the humidity. We can choose to open a gap in the greenhouse at noon with sufficient sunlight to effectively ventilate it. During the growth of lettuce, it is necessary to add water and fertilizer mainly nitrogen in time.

By the way, It is really useful to buy a lettuce seeding machine if you want to cultivate a large amount of lettuce in the greenhouse.

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