How to prevent pests and diseases when planting cucumber?

Cultivating cucumber seedlings with a seed nursery sowing machine reduces the probability of pests and diseases, but how to prevent them when they appear?

Harm caused by roundworms

The weather is cold in winter and there are few insect and pests. However, there are aphids in the greenhouse, and it is very harmful on cucumber plants.

However, the aphid activity is weak. if there are few cucumber seedlings that are susceptible in the early stage, you can use hand or place 10% imidacloprid 500 times solution to the diseased leaves for 5s -10s, and gently pinch the diseased leaves to fully kill the aphids.

Cucumber field
Cucumber Nursery Sowing Greenhouse

The harm of excessive humidity

Excessive humidity is also a major problem in winter, so the management of water and fertilizer is very important, and the watering time in winter should not be too early. Water and fertilizer management can be carried out after 9 o’clock. If it is cloudy, you should judge according to the growth of the plant. If the plant does not appear wilting, you do not need to water it regularly. But if seedlings are going to wilt, a small amount of water can be used for spraying. Avoid pouring water with large amounts of water, which will cause excessive humidity. Besides, it is not recommended to water in the afternoon.

How to use film?

You can use film at 9-10 am, which can greatly reduce the humidity in the greenhouse to ensure the normal growth of the plant and reduce disease. After growing for nearly 20 days, the film can be removed from the hotbed and transplanted to the field

At present, the technology of China’s seed nursery sowing machine has matured. It uses modern biotechnology, environmental regulation technology, fertilization and irrigation technology, and information management technology to run through the seedling production process. We organize seedling production and management in a modern mode to realize large-scale production of seedlings.

Cucumber greenhouse
Cucumber Greenhouse

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