How to raise the tomato seedling?

In the course of the world’s rapid development, a variety of vegetables and fruits can be seen all year round. This is not without the support of technology. Tomatoes, for example, can now be found all year round. But from tomato seeds(starting tomato seeds) to tomato seedlings, to tomato ripening, if the normal growth, it takes a long time. From tomato seeds to germination, you can use the seedling machine for tomato seedling. In Taizy machinery, there are several types available to raise the tomato seedling. Now, introduce these nursery seeder machines one by one.

The manual nursery seeder machine for the tomato seedling

When you choose this semi-automatic seeder machine, you should know its advantages and strengths. It’s of carbon steel material, cost-effective price, and has wide applications. You should know, that it’s semi-automatic for placing the plug tray and covering the soil, while it’s fully automatic for digging holes and sowing tomato seeds.

How to operate the semi-automatic seeding machine for the tomato seedling?

The fully automatic nursery seeding machine

For this kind, there are two types, one is composed of three parts, and another one has two parts. Both are fully automatic for conveying the plug tray, covering the soil, digging holes, sowing seeds, and covering the soil again. Besides, both can add the watering device according to the customer’s demands.

How does the fully automatic nursery seeder work?

Why use the seeder machine to raise the tomato seedling?

Market needs. As society develops and people pursue a very high quality of life, the market demand increases. Thus, growers find ways to improve efficiency. The nursery machine is applied. Because the best way to start tomato seeds indoors can be achieved by the seedling machine.

High usability. Traditionally, planting was done outdoors, but now it can also be done indoors, for example in greenhouses. Our seedling machine can be used in greenhouses. Sowing tomato seeds, germinating tomato seeds, and replanting tomato plants(use the vegetable transplanter machine), all can be done.

Powerful function. You buy a seedling machine because you are going to grow tomato seedlings, but this machine can also grow onions, lettuce, cabbage, peppers, melons, watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers, etc.

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