How to transplant tobacco by tobacco transplanting machine?

Tobacco transplanting machine not only is able to transplant different types of vegetable and flowers, but transplant tobacco. Tobacco is a kind of economic crop, and you can gain great benefit by cultivating it. How to transplant tobacco? I will give you some suggestions.

Transplanting machinery
Tobacco Transplanting Machine

Move the seedlings

One day or half a day before transplanting, the seedbed is drenched with water. The tobacco seedlings are dug up with soil by a shovel when the moving them. This method has a high survival rate after transplanting.

For hilly highlands that are rainy and inconvenient to transport, we are accustomed to raise seedlings by hand. This method has a low survival rate and returns. The seedling growing period is long and should be improved gradually.

If you use nutrition bags and trays, do not water before transplanting.

Transport tobacco seedlings

After picking up the seedlings, place the seedlings on the transplanter machine sequentially, do not overlapping to avoid breaking the tobacco seedlings.

When handling the seedlings in the field, place the tobacco seedlings on the edge of the planed hole with the stems and leaves outward, which can prevent the stems and mud from being muddy during watering.

Dry transplanting

In the form of dry planting, mix the soil and fertilizer according to the predetermined row spacing and plant spacing with fertilizer evenly. Loose soil and place the tobacco seedlings into it, cover the soil, and then water. If the trench is planted, you need to place the tobacco seedlings on one side of the trench to prevent the seedlings from being washed away during diversion irrigation. When ditching tobacco on a ridge, ditch water along one side of the ridge. This planting method is suitable for tobacco areas with good irrigation conditions.

Wet transplanting

When using wet transplanting, mix the fertilizer with soil. While the water has not penetrated, plant the seedlings into the hole, sprinkle the pesticide after the water has soaked, and cover it with soil. This planting method has a high survival rate when transplanted in tobacco areas with dry climate, poor irrigation conditions or no irrigation conditions.

In addition, there are professional tobacco transplanting machine for tobacco. It can complete the processes of fertilization, irrigation, transplanting, soil covering, spraying etc. at one time.

Things to note when transplanting

Tobacco should not be planted immediately after excessive soil moisture or rain, otherwise it will cause soil compaction and affect the growth and development of tobacco seedling root system. Tobacco planting in dry weather can remove part of the loquat to reduce the transpiration of water and help the seedlings survive. In sunny days with high temperatures, tobacco is generally planted in the early morning and evening to avoid planting tobacco at noon that make it suffer from strong sun. In addition, it can cause excessive water loss in tobacco seedlings, affecting seedling restoration. After the tobacco seedlings are planted, the soil depth should be appropriate, and the seedling heart should be 1-2 cm from the ground.

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