Manual seeding machine sold to the Philippines

Compared with traditional seedling raising methods, tray seedlings can protect the roots of seedlings, and it can improve the survival rate and the regularity of seedling emergence. The tray seedling technology uses a unified standard plug, which is a standard carrier for mechanical seeding. Mechanical seeding has the advantages of precise seeding, high work efficiency, and cost-saving. We have two types of tray nursery seeding machines. One is a manual type seeding machine, the other is an automatic seeding machine. Recently, our manual seedling machine sold to Malaysia.

What is the difference between a manual nursery machine and a fully automatic nursery machine?

  1. First of all, the output is different. The automatic seedling raising machine is suitable for small farmers, while the automatic seedling raising machine is suitable for large vegetable seedling bases.
  2. Secondly, the degree of automation is different. The manual seedling nursery machine needs to upload the matrix map by itself, while the automatic seedling nursery machine can realize the automatic uploading.
  3. The price is different. The price of the manual seedling machine is a bit cheaper than that of the fully automatic seedling machine.

let’s see what a manual nursery machine looks like?

The manual nursery machine occupies a small area on the ground and is easy to operate.

Features of our manual seedling machine

The manual seedling raising machine purchased by our customers in Malaysia is a needle tube sucking type. It has high accuracy. Refer to the video to see how it sucked the seeds. Customers buy it to raise seedlings of eggplant and other vegetables. He has a small vegetable shed.

Our manual type seeding machine can raise seedlings of a variety of vegetables, and all kinds of vegetable seeds can be raised by changing different suction needles according to the size of the seeds.

From website message to payment purchase

This customer left a message on our website about the seeding machine that he wants a manual seedling machine, which is urgently needed. After our sales consultant contacted, the payment was made the next day. According to the customer’s needs, our sales consultant drafted the Alibaba payment link, which is convenient and safe for payment. The manual seeding machine was delivered to Guangzhou and soon the customer received a notification saying that the machine had arrived at the warehouse. Our cooperation is very smooth. Customers will give us feedback when the machine arrives. He will also buy other machines from us, such as transplanting machines, plug trays, etc.

Filipino customers

Machine packing and delivery

We are a professional manufacturer of nursery machines and transplanting machines. After receiving the customer’s deposit, we manufactured the seedling machine for the customer. After the machine production is completed, we make a test for the customer to inspect the machine. The whole test process was very smooth. In addition, we also equip customers with a toolbox. After confirming that the manual seeding machine is correct, we packed and shipped it.

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