KMR-78 nursery raising machine shipped to Singapore

The nursery raising machine is a machine for raising seedlings of various vegetables, melons, and fruits, with high efficiency, good performance, and quality, and is very popular with overseas customers. Our nursery seeding machine is regularly exported to Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, the Philippines, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Reasons why this Singaporean customer bought this Taizy nursery raising machine

In terms of this Singaporean client’s own needs, as he wanted to carry out the vegetable seedling nursery, he had his own growing greenhouse, and using the machine for the seedling nursery could be done more efficiently and benefit his business.

For the Taizy nursery raising machine, this machine has a wide range of uses, a long service life and is virtually maintenance-free, easy to use, and very user-friendly.

Nursery seed raising machine
nursery seed raising machine

What did this Singaporean customer get out of using the nursery raising machine afterward?

The Singaporean customer received the machine and put it into operation, i.e. started vegetable seedling raising. The machine can do 200 trays of seedlings an hour, which is a great improvement in efficiency. This is an overall increase of two times compared to the conventional seedling planting previously carried out.

How about the nursery seeding machine price?

The price of this nursery machine is influenced by the suction needle of the machine, the material of the machine, etc. When you purchase this nursery raising machine, our sales manager will provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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