Taizy nursery tray seeding machine in Zimbabwe realizes cabbage seedlings raising

A large farm in Zimbabwe faced the problems of low efficiency and high cost of manual seedling raising when planting cabbage on a large scale. To improve production efficiency and ensure the quality of cabbage seedlings, the farm chose Taizy’s nursery tray seeding machine to carry out the seedling nursery operation.

Advantages of Taizy’s nursery tray seeding machine in cabbage seedlings

  • Precise sowing: Our seedling machine can precisely control the sowing depth and spacing of cabbage seeds to ensure the seeds are evenly distributed and improve the seedling emergence rate and neatness.
  • Efficient operation: Through the automated process, the manual labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the task of sowing cabbage seeds in a large area can be completed in a short time, which greatly improves working efficiency.
  • Cost-effective: we are a factory and trade in one, so this machine is not only good quality, but also the most advantageous price in the same batch of suppliers.

How about customer feedback and after-sales service?

Zimbabwean customers, after using the our nursery seedling raising machine, spoke highly of its significantly improved seedling raising efficiency and cabbage seedling quality. They appreciated the equipment’s stability, ease of use and high-precision sowing ability.

Nursery seedlings
nursery seedlings

At the same time, the full technical support and perfect after-sales service provided by Taizy helped the customers smoothly solve all kinds of problems in the seedling process and ensured the smooth progress of cabbage seedling work.

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