Portugal adopts Taizy automatic seedling machine in vegetable plantation

A large-scale vegetable plantation in Portugal is dedicated to producing all kinds of high-quality vegetables for the market. Due to the low efficiency and high cost of traditional manual seedling nurseries, the customer urgently needed a modern machine that could significantly improve the efficiency of seedling nurseries and ensure the germination rate and survival rate of seedlings.

Therefore, they chose the Taizy automatic seedling machine to improve and optimize their vegetable nursery process.

Why choose our automatic seedling machine for vegetable nurseries?

  • Efficient seeding: Our automatic tray seeding machine realizes automatic and precise seeding, which greatly improves the seeding speed, and at the same time ensures the uniform distribution of seeds in the seedling tray, effectively improving the working efficiency.
  • Improve germination rate: By precisely regulating the sowing depth and humidity, it ensures that the seeds are in the most suitable germination conditions, thus greatly improving the germination rate of vegetable seeds.
  • Optimize the growing environment: With the special equipment, our nursery seed sowing machine uses customized nutrient soil formulations according to the needs of different vegetable varieties, which is conducive to improving the survival rate and robustness of seedlings.
  • Wide applications of vegetable nursery: Taizy seedling machine is successfully applied to the seedling nursery work of many kinds of vegetables (e.g. tomato, cucumber, lettuce, etc.), and the cycle of each batch of seedling nursery is greatly shortened, and the seedlings emerge neatly and healthily, which greatly reduces the loss due to the pest and disease and bad environment, and the economic benefit is significantly improved.

Customer feedback and after-sales service

Portuguese customers are very satisfied with the actual performance of our automatic seedling machine, especially praising the machine’s high-efficiency stability and fine control function.

At the same time, they highly recognized the professional training guidance and perfect after-sales service provided by Taizy, which enabled them to quickly master their operation skills and get timely and effective solutions when they encountered problems.

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