2 sets of KMR-78-2 seedling raising machines for Jordan government

We are very happy to have cooperated with our Jordanian customer about our seedling raising machine. He finally won the bidding for the local government’s agricultural bidding program and purchased 2 sets of our nursery seedlings machines.

In this article, we will introduce in detail how our nursery seeding machines (e.g. machine parameters, price advantage, machine performance and after-sales service) can satisfy the customer’s needs and help him win the tender successfully.

Kmr-78-2 nursery seeding machine
KMR-78-2 nursery seeding machine

Customer’s needs

As it is a large-scale nursery requirement for the government, there are requirements for the performance and price of the machine, stability and after-sales service. Based on these we proposed a feasible solution.

Our solution

Machine parameters

Our seedling planting machine has the following key parameters:

  • Sowing speed: Thousands of holes can be sown per hour, which significantly improves the efficiency of the seedling nursery.
  • Precision control: Advanced PLC control system ensures that each seed falls into the hole tray accurately.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of trays and seed types to meet the seedling needs of different crops.
  • Easy to operate: Intuitive operation interface, easy to learn and use.
Automatic nursery seedling raising machine
automatic nursery seedling raising machine

Price advantage

Through large-scale production and efficient supply chain management, we are able to offer competitive prices.

After comparing several suppliers, customers find that our seedling raising machines not only have superior performance, but also have a more favorable price, which becomes one of the important reasons for them to choose us.

Machine performance

  • High efficiency and stability: Our nursery seedling machine adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, which ensures the machine runs stably for a long time with a low failure rate.
  • High accuracy: Precise seeding and soil covering systems improve the germination rate of seeds and the quality of seedlings.
  • Labor saving: A high degree of automation reduces the dependence on labor and lowers the labor cost.

After-sales service

  • Technical support: Provide comprehensive technical training to ensure that customers can skillfully operate and maintain the equipment.
  • Quick response: 24-hour customer service hotline to solve the problems encountered by customers in the process of use.
  • Spare parts supply: Adequate spare parts inventory, to ensure that customers can quickly replace the loss of parts, and reduce downtime.

Customer feedback

After using our nursery seedling raising machines, the Jordanian customer successfully completed a large-scale nursery task in a government project. The high efficiency and precision of the nursery process are highly recognized by the customer.

They are especially satisfied with our after-sales service, and consider that our support and spare parts supply are very timely, which guarantees the smooth progress of their nursery project.

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