The automatic nursery seeding machine was sold to United States

“What is the price of nursery seeding machine? Can it cultivate pumpkin seed?” the customer from the United States said. He needs a full automatic nursery sowing machine to plan pumpkin, since the pumpkin is a famous fruit among people there, and everyone likes to eat it.

Pumpkin Nursery Seeding Machine

Actually, with reasonable price, we have sold many sets of this machine to the United States, of which are used to plan hemp as well.

As a professional manufacturer of nursery seeding machine, we invited him to visit our factory to test it, but he is busy without any available time.

The requirement of this customer

This customer noted that the seedling tray he needed is 6*12, and we can customize it for him. Later, our sales manager sent him a professional quotation to his email attached with the operation video about pumpkin seeds.

He felt very satisfied about the quotation, and made the full payment for us.

Why did he order the automatic nursery seeding machine from us again?

After use for a long time, he gave us the feedback, and said that our nursery machine performs very well, and the survival rate of seedlings is high compared with the other machines he bought before. Most important, the working efficiency has been fully improved. To expand his business, he decided to place order from us again.

How to manage the pumpkin field in greenhouse?

let us introduce them for you now!

1. Weed the field regularly. Be careful not to move the seedlings when weeding to prevent injury to the root system. To promote root development, weeding is usually done 2-3 times throughout the pumpkin cultivation period. Be careful not to damage the pumpkin plants and leaves during operation.

Pumpkin Nursery Seeding Machine

2. After the pumpkin is planted, irrigation is generally not required, while you shall increase ground temperature so as to promote root development. After the pumpkin grows out of vines, it is ditched and fertilized 15-20 cm from the root. After fertilization, water should be irrigated to prevent the nitrogenous fertilizer from burning the roots.

Pumpkin Nursery Seeding Machine

3. When cultivating pumpkins, sometimes the branches and leaves are too frondent, so you need to remove the top branches and leaves to promote the growth of side branches. Generally, there are at most 3-4 vines.

4. Pollination: To increase pumpkin yield, artificial pollination or bee-assisted pollination can be performed. Pumpkin flowers are open before 6 am. In order to improve pollination efficiency, you should pollinate before 6 am.

Please contact us to know more details about automatic nursery seeding machine!

Pumpkin Nursery Seeding Machine

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