The development of automatic nursery seeding machine in USA

Automatic nursery seeding machine is the first technology developed in the United States. Compared with the traditional method of seedlings, the automatic nursery seeding machine can protect the root system of seedlings, improving the survival rate and the uniformity. It is able to seed with high precision, high efficiency and low cost.

Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

The status of automatic nursery seeding machine in UAS

After the 1980s , the level of pneumatic technology and component manufacturing in the United States has greatly improved. Americans began to research and develop air-suction seedling precision seeders by using new technologies.

Its working principle is vacuum adsorption. The seeder machine has a vacuum generating device, usually a vacuum generator or a vacuum pump. When the plug tray reaches the seeding position, the sensor will detect the plug tray, and the needle hole will use the vacuum to remove the seed from the seed tray. Adsorb it, move it over the tray, aim at each hole, and finally the seed will fall to a predetermined position in the tray.

Problems with automatic nursery seeding machine

After years of development, the United States has achieved certain results in the precision seeding device for seedlings, but there are still many problems to be solved in the future development path.

At present, some seedling breeding bases with scale and seedling raising machinery are mostly demonstration bases invested by the state, and very few are actually invested in seedling production. This has led to the idleness of seedling raising machinery, and the defects and deficiencies of machinery cannot be found in production in time. Provide guidance for improvement of machinery. Due to the large capital investment of seedling raising machines, farmers’ recognition and enthusiasm for seedling raising machines is not high.

Most of the United States are air-suction seedling breeders, which generally require the use of an air compressor as the air source. Due to the constant change of the pressure of the air source, the work of the nursery machinery is unstable. In addition, the seeds in the seeding tray often contain fine dust and impurities. If the seeds are not sieved before sowing, the suction nozzle will be easily blocked during the sowing process and leakage will occur.

How to change this situation?

This requires USA to speed up the pace of agricultural transformation, put the demonstration bases into production as soon as possible.At the same time, they should build some new seedling production bases to stimulate the market of automatic nursery seeding machine.

It is also necessary to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, learn design methods and manufacturing processes from advanced countries. By doing this, you can propose reliable design solutions, and develop new models.

The development trend in the future

With the transformation of the US agricultural model and the increase of labor costs,automatic nursery seeding machine has become an inevitable development trend. It will also become the basis of agriculture in the future.

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