The Development Trend of Transplanting Machine

One of the technical problems of existing transplanting machinery is efficiency. The semi-automatic transplanter is widely used, which needs manual place seedlings on the conveyor or transplanter. The artificial seedling feeding speed and work efficiency are limited, only 30-45 plants/min. The high-speed transplanter machine is still blank.

Automatically fetching seedlings and throwing seedlings is the key link to realize high-speed transplanting. Large-scale production has been achieved in Europe and America. Fully automatic transplanting machines are mostly large-scale machines, integrating electric control, hydraulic pressure, air pressure, etc., which can take seedlings in rows, and the operating efficiency can reach 7000-9000 plants/h.

Strengthening the research of seedling automatic conveying, automatic fetch seedling, automatic cast seedling technology, etc., and the development of high-speed transplanting machines with superior performance and reasonable prices will be the development trend of transplanting machines in the future and one of the current research hotspots.

The Existing Semi-Automatic Transplanting Machine Will Be Optimized and Upgraded.

In the current period, the semi-automatic transplanter will still occupy a high share in the international market and will exist for a long time. Although the semi-automatic transplanter requires more labor, it has better adaptability, convenient use and is more suitable for the needs of current agricultural development. With the continuous improvement of its operational performance and reliability, the transplanter machine now developed can be equipped with the mulching membrane, laying dropper, fertilizing, planting, soil covering, watering, and other devices. For large areas and large fields, large self-propelled or towed transplanter machines should be used, and small manual seedling transplanter and self-propelled transplanter machines can be used for small fields.

Synchronization of Dedicated and Universal Transplanting Machines

The research and development of special and general transplanting machines are combined to develop standards for commonly used and easily damaged parts and to increase their interchangeability. For crops with special agronomic requirements, special transplanting machines are designed and improved. Such as hemp transplanter machine, tree transplanter machine, tobacco transplanter machine, tomato transplanter machine, paper pot planter, vegetable transplanter machine, onion planter machine, vegetable planter machine, plastic mulch transplanter, etc. The versatility of one machine can realize multiple functions and improve the utilization rate of the transplanting machine.

Collaborative Research on Nursery and Transplanting

The mechanization of seedling transplanting is a systematic project. The nursery seedling machines and facilities supporting transplanting machines are very weak, and high-efficiency precision seeding machines suitable for tray seedlings and nutritious bowl seedlings are even more lacking. It is necessary to research and develop nursery seedling methods with low cost, convenient management, and mechanized transplanting, so as to improve seedling raising facilities and corresponding supporting technologies to realize factorization. For the design of pot seedlings and pot body shape and size, it should be combined with transplanting machinery. The research on the entire system from seedling raising to transplanting should be strengthened to truly realize factory seedling raising and mechanized transplanting of crops.

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