The development trend of vegetable seed planter for sale

One of the bottlenecks of vegetable seed planter for sale technology is efficiency. The semi-automatic transplanting machine is mainly used to manually pick the seedlings and place them on the conveying device or planter. The speed and efficiency of manual seedling feeding are limited, only 30 ~ 45 plants / min.

Transplanter field
Vegetable Transplanter Machine

Automatic selection of seedlings is the key link to achieve high-speed transplanting. Europe and the United States have realized large-scale production. Most of the automatic vegetable seed planter for sale are the machines that integrate electric control, hydraulic pressure, and air pressure. The main method of feeding seedlings is to take seedling needles automatically.

In the future, we need to strengthen the automatic transport of seedlings and developing high-speed transplanters with superior performance and reasonable price, and it is also a trend and current research hotspots. However, most of the automatic  vegetable seed planter for sale are currently in the research and development stage without real products. It can automatically feed the seedlings, but it is not stable.

Existing semi-automatic transplanters will be optimized and upgraded

At present, semi-automatic transplanters will still occupy a high share in the domestic market and exist for a long time. Although the semi-automatic transplanting machine needs more auxiliary personnel, it has good adaptability, convenient use and reliable performance. Multifunctional transplanters is capable of filming, pipe laying, fertilizing, soil covering, and watering as a wholr, and it is also the key issue that current technology needs to address.

Dedicated and universal vegetable seed planter for sale in sync

We need to combine the research and development of special and general transplanters to set standards for commonly used and fragile components. At the same time, you shall increase its interchangeability. Technical personnel should also design a specific vegetable seed planter for sale for crops with special agronomic requirements. It is also necessary to improve the versatility of the transplanting machine, realize multiple uses of one machine, and improve the utilization rate of the transplanting machine.

Synergistic research on seedling cultivating and transplanting

Mechanization of seedling and transplanting is a systematic project. We should research and develop low-cost, convenient management transplanting methods. By doing so, we can improve seedling facilities and corresponding supporting technologies to achieve industrialization.

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