The steps to plan onion by automatic tray seeder

Can automatic tray seeder plat onion seedling? Yes,of course, the onion seedlings are mainly plated nursery sound machine, and then transplanted in the field. What’s the detailed steps to grow it? Let me share with you today.


Greenhouse requirements and the time of seedling

The impact of seedling and transplanting time on yield is very significant, which is closely related to the light and temperature requirements in the onion growing season. Therefore, the reasonable use of limited light and temperature is very important to cultivate onion seedlings and increase yield. It is better to use natural sunlight for seedling cultivation. The best sunlight period is from January to early February; the best transplanting time is early April. If you transplant early, the final seedlings can increase  by 30% to 50%.

How to make seedbed? 

Sunlight greenhouses are conducive to the cultivation of healthy seedlings and have laid the foundation for early transplanting. First, refurbish the soil, apply fertilizer evenly, and remove dead leaves. If a piece of land has been used for many years, the soil must be treated with insecticidal sterilization, or the disease-free and insect-resistant soil can be used as a seedbed.

Onion greenhouse
Onion Greenhouse


Seedbeds can be sown once they are ready. First, mix a small amount of fine sand with seeds. After mixing, evenly sprinkle seeds on the seedbed, and then pat the surface gently to make the seeds fit with the topsoil. Then water again, the water must penetrate into the soil. When watering, pay attention to prevent the seeds from being washed up and affect the emergence. Usually the seedlings will emerge in about 15 days. When the fine sand surface is dry, water it again.

Greenhouse management

The greenhouse must be covered strictly before seedling emergence to achieve the effect of heat preservation and moisture retention. Increasing ground temperature can promote early germination, which also can make  the seedlings are relatively neat.

After the seedlings have grown, you shall ventilate and control the temperature in the greenhouse to prevent seedlings from lacking water,affecting its promote growth.

The surface temperature is controlled at about 22 ° C, and you need to water and fertilize them.

During the nursery period, weeds need to be pulled 2-3 times. In addition, control pests and diseases in a timely manner. When the seedlings grow to about 15 cm, you have to control the amount of water and increase ventilation. Remove the film in advance before transplanting.

Standard greenhouse seedlings

Onion seedling standards differ depending on the variety and seedling time. Generally, the height of seedlings is 25 to 35 cm, the stem thickness is 5 to 6 mm with 4 to 5 leaves.

Prevention and treatment of onion seedlings

Onion is a high-input, high-yield but high-risk planting variety, and there are also severe pests and diseases when planting. Diseases and pests are distributed above and below ground. These pests not only harm young plants during the growing season, but also continue to harm onion fruits during harvest. It can be controlled with pesticides, and measures for controlling pests are needed when using automatic tray seeder .

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