The types of seedling transplanter

There are many types of seedling transplanter in the market, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now i will introduce them for you.

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Chain clip type seedling transplanter

Chain clip type seedling transplanter has simple structure, stable plant spacing and transplanting depth. However, the working speed is low, generally 30 or 40 seedlings/min. What’s more, it is easy to pinch seedlings, so the seedlings are prone to dumping and being buried by soil.

Seedling tube type seedling transplanter

The movement of seedlings in the seedling tube is free, so it is not easy to hurt the seedlings. The inlet is composed of a plurality of rotating barrels. When placing the seedlings manually, it can greatly improve the working speed, reaching 60 to 70 seedlings/min. The efficiency is twice that of the chain clip type seedling transplanter. However, the inlet structure of this transplanter is relatively complicated, and its price is expensive.

It is suitable for seedlings with large size, and can be punched and transplanted on the membrane. The seedlings are not subject to any impact during the transplanting process, but the rate of planting seedlings cannot be too high, otherwise the rate of missed planting will increase, causing low productivity.

Conveyor belt type seedling transplanter

The seedling conveying mechanism consists of a horizontal conveyor belt and an inclined conveyor belt. The two conveyor belts have different speeds. When the seedling transplanter is working, the seedlings go forward on the horizontal conveyor belt, and tip over on the inclined conveyor belt at the end of the horizontal conveyor belt. When the seedlings move to the end of the inclined belt, the seedlings flip upright and fall into the seedling ditch, and then they are covered with soil. This transplanting machine has a simple mechanism and high transplanting efficiency, but the reliability of transplanting is poor and the quality of final seedling is low.

Disc type seedling transplanting machine

Disc type seedling transplanter is not limited by the number of chain clamps. Therefore, its adaptability to plant spacing is good with simple structure and practical functions.  However, the plant spacing and transplanting depth are unstable, and it is easy to bury seedlings. Meanwhile, its service life is short.

The seedling transplanter produced by Taizy company bears high transplanting effect, and the survival rate of seedlings is high. If you do not have a tractor, i recommend you to buy self-propelled transplanting machine. If you have already had a tractor, it is better to buy tractor-driven transplanter machine, since it boasts more functions compared with the first one such as soil covering, filming and ridging.

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