How to quickly complete transplanting and make a profit?

Starting in April of each year, it is the season for transplanting peppers and tomatoes in Xinjiang, China.

Xinjiang is located in northwestern China, covering an area of 1.66 million square kilometers. It is the largest provincial administrative region in China, accounting for one-sixth of China’s total land area. It has a typical temperate continental climate with large temperature differences and sufficient sunshine time. With the vast land area and advantageous climate characteristics, vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, beets, and fruits such as melons, grapes, and cotton are well-known all over the world.

How to complete a large amount of planting in a short time?

It takes one month to complete the planting of peppers and tomatoes in the vast land, so as to catch up with the growing season of crops in May. For this reason, the Xinjiang Agricultural Cooperative actively contacted our company with the help of the government to discuss the introduction of fully automatic transplanting machines for large-scale mechanized planting. The problem of relying solely on artificial labor for planting has been changed because the traditional planting efficiency is slow and the survival rate is low.

Mechanized planting improves transplanting efficiency

Mechanized planting has greatly improved land management technology and space utilization. The transplanting machine can complete the functions of rotary tillage, ridging, drip irrigation, fertilization, mulching, transplanting, and watering at one time, effectively improving the survival rate of seedlings and increasing yield.
According to the data, 5 transplanting machines working at the same time can plant 10 acres in a week, which can realize the mechanization and large-scale planting of crops.


Mechanical planting increases farmers’ economic income

After transplanting, August will be the busiest season in Xinjiang’s fields. Farmers will have a harvest season. The combine harvester will complete the harvest of peppers and tomatoes within one month and deliver them to markets in various provinces in China for sale or export to various countries. The market price of peppers will be 3.5 dollars/kg and the market price of tomatoes will be 1.3 dollars/kg, which will help farmers convert crops into economic income and increase the income of farmers.

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